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kyeon ㅡsh. Jun 15
'        ii. Asahi Kenta Salvator                , 25 2015   my son, my little hero, my sunshine.
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Jayla 🥰 3h
After Taking 4 Pregnancy Test, Making A Trip To The Hospital & After A Doctors Appointment I Finally Believe That I’m about to be Somebody’s Mother 😭😩🤧 Hurry Up 🥰😇🙌🏾
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jasmine👼🏽 8h
Already working towards it 💸
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Stanford Junior 11h
Wow. Well of you dont know already #2020 , windows 7 support will be coming to an END. Thats right. Get ready to buy a new pc! Or get ready to go get the instalation disk that costs 126.00$ or you can just…
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Bhavesh Jun 16
Laravel dusk awesome. This was my first topic that I learned at meetup thanks to for great explanation of the this topic
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Football League Football Injuries Update 143130
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KtO Jun 16
Replying to @KtO680
5 In , the posts will go to week by week as we follow the 's Inquest. I will still format these day by day, but posts will be on (their day off). We will finish off the month discussing events like and remaining of the disaster.
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Tyberal Jun 14
I expect the hierarchy to get players in on ´s position to show him that his time is up. If he won´t leave this summer, I expect him to rot on the bench until . The pressure will just grow.
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Travel Japan Jun 18
[Movie]Awesome movie “January in Japan” 
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Chrissie Jun 13
Oh reeallllyyyy? I’m sorry but yours and Danny’s have me dying. 🤣
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Adi Jun 10
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(WGN TV) What was our percentage of cloud cover from through May? : Dear Tom, It seems as though the start to 2019 has been unusually cloudy with very few days of full sunshine. What was our percentage of cloud cover ..
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Neilson Holidays 15h
January is one of the best times to head to the mountains – quiet slopes, excellent snow, and the chance to start the year on a high with friends and family. Save £100pp on all , there's even half price lift passes available...
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CindyBears Den 12h
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Danni Farrar Jun 12
Replying to @JRocIsMajor_
Super Dead.
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Replying to @grandeskiki
Speaking this into existence.
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Yoni ♻️ Jun 13
You didn’t have to tell me about mine 🤷🏽‍♂️
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Tiny Techs Jun 15
It is indeed "game over" for me this year. only launched in the response has been amazing I am SO proud to have worked in so many schools with with so many amazing children. Back I…
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.  Liverpool | ساري Jun 13
Wednesday 1 – Sheffield United (H) Saturday 11 – Tottenham Hotspur (A) Saturday 18 – Manchester United (H) Tuesday 21 – Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)
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