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Kirstin 🎀 Nov 25
Just finished 5 seasons of in 3 weeks. I know a telenovela has a happy ever after but I have so many unanswered questions 😫
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°Wallflower°🌸🐼 Nov 19
Replying to @WisniowaPanda
rewatch OTP! ❄️🤍
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ㅈ Nov 19
As much as I love love love loveee the tv series; reading Jane’s book was.. a bit difficult to read. It doesn’t draw me in so much, and it was too dry for me 😭 I’m sorry, Jane 🥺
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Alyssa Lidman Nov 19
I took a break from my usual to watch and now I'm bawling my eyes out. Season 2 is great.
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Lauryn Duncan Nov 21
I’ve started watching Jane the Virgin, I’m still in season 1. The dad, Ro, is the best character, so much fun and just so dramatic. New binge show started
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Sensei Nov 24
It's a good feeling to feel unapologetically loved. I'm out here feeling like Jane from with that glowing heart
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Toni Hudspith 🖤❤️🖤 Nov 23
How have I missed out on for soooo long. I have never cried and laughed at a show as much as this. Only on season 3 and I love it!!
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Geográfica perdida ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Nov 22
I've just watched episode S04E03 of Jane the Virgin!
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the eggcademic (she/her) Nov 21
Replying to @ramyeonjpg
omg i miss this lil mateo
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Penny Nov 19
’s mom finished nursing school and beyond I see. big O!
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Jazarae💋 Nov 22
I been laying in my bed all day watching 😩
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Namrood Nov 23
I don't know why I was missing out on 🥺❤
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Hey Níccí! Hey! Hey! Nov 22
Will I ever not cry for
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Seeb🦋 Nov 20
Back to ... I need to finish it this weekend
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TEDxUniversityofBirmingham Nov 19
Replying to @TEDxUoBham
PS like for , retweet for .
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Floriane ♡ Nov 22
i just finished for the third time and i’m crying again
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Kirstie's FilmandTVReviews Nov 21
Replying to @kevin_thecritic
I originally got Netflix for the purpose of watching these shows... I have managed to watch a grand total of 1 episode of Jessica Jones. I just keep getting distracted by all the other shows on Netflix!! Like
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YesY Nov 23
Started watching and it’s definitely appealing to my Latina, novela watching ass 🥴
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Victoria Williams NAR 💙 Nov 18
I feel lost! I finished yesterday and now have a void to fill. I can't believe I got so invested in the characters and their stories, especially as it is so far away from what I would usually watch. What should I watch next?
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Bite_Me Nov 19
Season 1 episode 19 OMGOSH I FELT THIS
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