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Deitrick Haddon 11 May 12
The Holy spirit make it all look easy!!! However if u could see in the spirit you would witness my battle scars!! !
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Mickey Kaus 22 Feb 16
Replying to @kausmickey
>>Or else maybe the patents themselves violate 1st Amendment to extent they operate to restrict vital political speech?
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Reggie Rockstone 3 Oct 15
Damm! Tv3 YALL did nanaba cold yo! Not since judas did jesus! Smh! ! !
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ZonaZealots Go Cats! #BearDown 22 Mar 18
Ever think that this stuff is coming out now because if Miller isn't hirable at another institution, then there could be a lawsuit? Because then wouldn't that be proof that the possibly erroneous report definitely hindered his ability to get hired?
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Stevovo 6 Dec 17
Replying to @PhilMphela
You might not want to advertise how much you hate the car you're trying to sell
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WeActivateTheFuture Jun 17
Replying to @aheadahead1
That's a good way of describing it! Mother Nature does clusters in a better way. I wonder if we could merge her narrative with @reporting3org's narrative in the future?
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Zaid Kirdsey 3 Mar 18
Can you screen print /dtg to windbreakers? I’m very curious as to how people print on jacket/ wind breaker material...
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Francoise Murat 16 Jul 12
Does anyone know if there is an alternative to paypal for buying items of a web shop???? and...
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sharzy❤❤ 25 Jun 18
I wonder what will get me killed faster my stubbornness or my loyalty
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Kervin Julien 20 Nov 16
# The fact that Honey G is still in X Factor, proves it's a fix. I'm still waiting for her to...
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Kervin Julien 9 Sep 16
# Sometimes, it can take you longer to get to where you are going, but the journey can be...
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She_shares 27 Jun 18
Replying to @davidbrear @11fsteam
So of topic... I heard it don't hear of CDO (Chief Digital Officers) at digital natives...because....they're
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Lenana J.M Faraj 22 May 14
The quote you don't steal from poor people..Watch out soon we taking over ...
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Jordan Manas 29 Jun 12
Sometimes I wish I wasn't single.
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🗽🇭🇹Johnny🗣Woo! May 18
Replying to @BvbyGemini
Yea u right plus my son Future woulda been exposed her.......or wud he?🤔cus den that wud make him homo 🤔
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Tina Clark 10 Nov 11
Replying to @clintmusic
Hmmm...I wonder what "MR." would sound like without the piano melody...but an R & B vocal in its place...
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perwirnoth 30 Nov 11
I think the html5 explosion will hit hard and soon than you think and open graph providing the social layer.
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Marty McFly 28 May 13
Girls quick to say they love a dude who gets jealous but f that why give me a reason to even be that way.
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What's so special about fight partys!? Lls why it dnt be basketball and football partys those are activitys too
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Allen 21 Sep 11
If you claim to be a world organization yet you're "english preferred", aren't you being a bit douchy?
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