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The Fraser Faithful 24m
Replying to @dabadabatruth @AOC
Yes, views the result (wealth difference), doesn't feel the need to study the process (hustle & sacrifice) by which it was produced, nor the effects of her remedy (70% tax): No benefit to hustling, no cost to not hustling. Nor the need to study history. ? "Who dat?"
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✨ 🅲🅴🅴🅹🅰🆈 ✨ 22h
was a Democrat and he is the GREATEST President that ever lived...🇺🇸
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JustWhy 12h
Literally never flying again. 5 hours of delays last night, cancelled flight and now on the new flight we’re stuck on the tarmac for “technical issues for SO FAR 30 minutes.. so afraid to see where this “delay” goes.
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Sera Lubowa 21h
I can only imagine what & 's wives went through. But, anyway...
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Lola_TX89 Jan 14
What do files infer? CIA has operated unchecked since after WWII & FBI has been cover-up team & protector. 2 dif FBI memos ref G.Bush..being involved w anti-Castro Cubans surrounding BOP & Kennedy assassination, & other placing Bush Sr in TX that day
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Fredrohena 13h
Shout out to the I’m at and you guy are holding it down. Thank you. ❤️
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Blue Zoo Jan 9
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cassandracarolina 9h
warned that we must draw the line At people obsessed with what they say is “mine” You cannot make deals with such people at all Ignore their demands; they’re not getting a
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Njagi Makanga (06) Jan 10
Replying to @funder @tedcruz
's Dad assassinated . says .
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sam smith Jan 11
So proud of my brothers/cousins/nephews !!!! 💚💛💚💛 🏀🇵🇼
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🎥Movies101 + 📺Tv Shows101🎬 Jan 17
🎥 (1991) The film cast includes seven Oscar winners: Kevin Costner, Sissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Gary Oldman and Joe Pesci; and two Oscar nominees: Sally Kirkland and Laurie Metcalf.
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Ron Hernandez 11h
Landed at ⚜️🛬🗽
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cassandracarolina Jan 3
Years ago, worked hard to keep America safe. Under , we can’t sleep
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Tim Griggs Jan 21
Sometimes you get stuck on an airport apron for hours and it’s ok.
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Conspiracy Asylum Jan 8
Finally done!! Go check it out!! Conspiracy Asylum: JFK Assassination
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Arjan Hut 10h
nr.29 "It isn't there. It's gone." He then sat down and returned the report. He collected himself and said softly, "They always hated that part." He paused and then added. "If I was them, I would have hated it too."
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Pensive™ 💯🔥🌹 Jan 7
knew, and was killed for his knowledge.
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(((Allison Ivy))) 2h
Replying to @jetman824 @IlhanMN
Actually she didn't. That quote was not How awkward for her, though.
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Mattapan's Home 🚲 Jan 11
Impressed with how quickly the responded to the passengers at this morning. I was one of those passengers on the train that had to get off due to the emergency at . Within 10 min, I was on a shuttle bus to .
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Kozy's Korner Jan 3
Declassify the remaining documents now that GHW Bush has passed.
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