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Javad Zarif Aug 21
On my 2nd stop in Scandinavia, met w/ Sweden’s PM, FM, Speaker & former PM . Excellent discussions on issues of mutual interest & on ways to meaningfully preserve the . Also held meetings with business leaders, intellectuals, & other dignitaries Next stop: Norway
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Javad Zarif Aug 19
Fruitful meetings with current EU presidency, Finnish President, FM & Trade Min. Discussed what EU needs to do to save and protect its interest in freedom of navigation. Also shared ideas on Regional Dialogue Forum & non-aggression pact w/ . Next stop: .
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Marco Siddi 1h
Some compelling points on how the US withdrawal from the - and coercion of other states/companies to do the same - violates international law
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FakeDonaldTrump 2h
Real sanctions were implemented in 2013, there has been a time frame for financial institutions to comply with+significant penalties to put some compliance motivation. was a fake normalisation flag, withdrawing from the deal clarified the picture for Iranian people.
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US-Botschaft Berlin Aug 23
“When you talk to countries that are on the front lines of Iranian aggression, you hear the same story: that the Iran nuclear deal strengthened Iran’s economy, expanded Iran’s missile proliferation and missile testing, strengthened Iran’s proxies.”
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Abas Aslani Aug 23
FM : If the , with or without the US, decides to fulfill commitments under the , we can return to full implementation of the nuclear deal within few hours.-Euronews
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Arash 14h
is in a failed attempt to rescue . Not to bet on the dead horse of the Iranian regime. What have you achieved all these years with the policy of appeasement? More violations of law & terrorism by
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Morr Jobb Aug 23
I hope will stand up to Trump and save the which was painstakingly negotiated by World Powers including the . We should respect International Agreements .
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Ali Mostofi علی مستوفی 18m
Thank you and for discussing and the taking place there. are more important than . Help Iranians have secular democracy in Iran. Please include Iranians in the diaspora in your discussions.
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Danielle McLaughlin Aug 22
Joining radio with my friend at 4pmET and again at 4:30pmET talking and Democratic candidates - hope you join us
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Iran Gov Website Aug 23
FM pointed to the upcoming in as an opportunity for Mr and other signatories of the to talk to the G7 members, and said: " will continue the talks and Macron's contact with will also continue."
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David Miller Aug 19
Replying to @JZarif @cmioffice
Sounds like... EU, this is your responsibility, not at all ours. 'Only YOU can save ' "Protect its interest in freedom of navigation"? That a threat or a topic of conversation? Lost in translation or constant rhetoric machine? You won't discuss, so I'll analyze.
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MemarpouriM 23h
Replying to @rparsi @tparsi and 3 others
Ur right hands are both Afghans,SneakyOpportunistLobbyists Non- ,who were consulted with &Ur best friend/Buddy ,u hire them to arrange these!U hired them f / as well,thenUAllFilledUrPockets.
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FDD Aug 23
"Even if opts to withdraw from the , Tehran would still have a legally binding obligation, pursuant to the CSA and AP, to declare the sites, equipment, and activities identified in the ."
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Wendy R. Acho Aug 20
never about preventing Iran from getting a bomb. About offering incentives that would convince Iran to hold off building a bomb until . Proof: JCPOA’s sunset provisions, restraints on Iran expire at various intervals, begin in 2020
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@amousavi Aug 24
Replying to @mousavi_ahmad
Commander in Chief : There is a long gap between lifting and neutralizing them; cannot, and has no will to lift the , so we must pursue a policy of eliminating the impact of .
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CND Aug 23
Positive news that France is holding talks with Iran today over the nuclear deal. We need a diplomatic solution to this crisis, rather than letting the US drive us to a catastrophic war. Background:
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Breaking the News 24/7 Aug 23
Zarif: Nuclear deal not renegotiable
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Subai'i Aug 21
Replying to @JZarif @carlbildt
Tehran mullahs hackers do not respect international law or order Rouhani government during its rule executed 113 women must stop the execution of women
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Iran_Newsroom 16h
Rejection of nuclear deal with by United States has not brought about any positive results. is on the brink of collapse: Council's president, Donald Tusk.
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