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#Christine Ellis ⚫🌹❤️ #Labour Activist 12h
Back to the issues The Tory's are trying to Remove your right to vote Remove your right to protest Throw us off a very financially damaging cliff Make you work until you are 75 Make you pay for health care by selling your NHS Murdering the sick and disabled
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Antony Nicholson Oct 12
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Kevin Evans 7h
Replying to @BorisJohnson
But if they were shouting "Picaninnies with watermelon smiles" would that be OK Johnson? I can't see any difference between dealing with a racist in No.10 and one on the terraces, so we also need to see some strong, swift voting action from the electorate.
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Teri ⚫️#JC4PM ♿️ 🇵🇸🇮🇪🏳️‍🌈 Oct 13
We’re the biggest party in Europe because of one man, Corbyn. Labour membership has never been bigger. I don’t believe the rumours being spread. It would destroy our chances in a GE and destroy our party. Members would leave in their thousands. 🌹✊🏻🌹
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Simon #GTTO🌹🇯🇴 Oct 12
We cannot support reselection and not accept a trigger vote. is our great local MP. She is a campaigner and a talented parliamentarian. She is a Tottenham girl and lives in our community. I support your reselection Kate and will be voting for you 🌹
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David Williams Oct 12
The most important ongoing socialist achievements in the world are in the UK, but people keep telling us that Socialism doesn't work. The NHS, Social housing, Social care, the benefits system all work brilliantly when properly funded.
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Paul Merlin Ruddock Oct 14
Replying to @irisstylosa
I didn't get where I am today by showing ID at the polling station and I'm not about to start now just because some tory twat says I have to!
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sarah hunter Oct 14
He has my vote.
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Brexit is no good. #PeoplesVote Oct 12
Are there any people out there? Who now fail to realise that Corbyn is all about Corbyn. No one else. He loves your adulation. But he is not interested in stopping Brexit, or the absolute hardship and suffering that it will bring to the UK.
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Hodgie #LabourActivist#JC4PMNOW 22h
You heard the man.Let us all pull together to reach the same goal.👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
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Anne McGarry Marsden Oct 14
Replying to @neilhdg
Empathy, but thousands of us cancelling our membership subscriptions would leave the legacy funding, which we have created, to her and her like. With no prospect of voting for socialist colleagues in future. We need to stick together and stick with it.
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Paul Connolly 7h
Replying to @laffterman
Prosecutions of DWP assessors must go ahead.
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Daisy Rose 🕷🌼🌹 #GTTO #PCPEU 12h
If only everyone did this.....
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I am 15h
Clear ideological agenda by a continually failing government to disenfranchise certain sections of society who are traditionally non-Tory voters. Me thinks they've finally realised their time is up.
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C Jameis #IStandWithChrisWilliamson #FreePalestine Oct 14
Well said Jeremy.
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#StandWithKashmir صبر ساتھیو Oct 14
Are rising and rising! ✌️💪✌️💪✌️💪✌️
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Sweet Decadence 🇬🇧 🌹 🇵🇸 #labouractivist Oct 14
always.. Looking at this despicable government and its enablers, it makes sense
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sheila mary roberts Oct 14
Replying to @JulietB270880
🌹🌹🌹 the first real Labour man in years
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🌹 rosshi 🌹 Oct 13
And We With The Sense Hope & Prey That He Will
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Paul Merlin Ruddock Oct 13
Replying to @jeremycorbyn
Jeremy, I for one will refuse to show ID at the polling station. I've never done so before and I'm Not about to start now.
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