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Abigail Rowe Oct 12
Time to again, I reckon. Sorry for the absence. I’ve been reet poorly, but picking up now. Better pick up a pen again too... it’s been too long.
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Thomás 6 Jun 12
Replying to @xSunCandy
Electric Daisy Carnival! Like a massive rave in Vegas! =D & OHMAIFOOD WOMAN WHERE HAS YOU BEEN?! D':
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Jenny Doyle 25 May 13
Hibernated from twitter for too long.
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Rebecca 27 Feb 17
Replying to @AmberleyHolmes
you know it sista 👻 💕
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Stevie O Connor 24 Nov 14
Lads Qatar based for work and got wifi sorted today so i head to bed listening to wollys sultry sounds!
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Fraser Brown 6 Jan 13
Can't wait to get back to the gym tomorrow man
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Alan Dineen 24 Mar 13
@stackyccfc I'm nearly home babes :* :(
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