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Dom ⁶🏆 5h
Has anyone ever been the in Monza? Looking at flights for next year but just want to know if its easy to get to from Milan etc.
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Scuderia Strategia Oct 11
P4 for and P7 for in the 👊
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McLaren Fan Page Oct 11
Mika Hakkinen [] in the MP4/16 during the 2001 , Imola. After qualifying 2nd behind teammate David Coulthard [], Hakkinen would complete the race in 4th place.
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Issam Khoury Oct 8
Monza a month ago today when and made the weekend spectacular. @ Monza Eni Circuit
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Formula V League Oct 11
And the is OVER!👊 takes the Win, finished 2nd and takes the last place on the podium!🏆
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レッドブル・ホンダ NEWS Oct 11
【YouTube > McLaren】 McLaren Unboxed | The Magic of Monza |
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Matt Bishop Oct 8
Replying to @TheBishF1
...Jody Scheckter won the , & the ’79 Drivers’ World Championship, 21 long years before. (2/2)
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TommaHawk79 Gaming Oct 11
Replying to @Tommo79mjt
Gday im Going Live in 15 to 30 Mins Ep 77 Season 4 Race 14 as the championship battle enters the home straight on
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Zdravko Oct 8
Replying to @zdravkost
John Surtees 🇬🇧 sits in his Honda RA300 with which he won the 1967 at Monza. 2000 (Photo: Paul-Henri Cahier)
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Wide World of Sports Oct 7
'I landed directly on my head... my helmet hit the barrier' 19-year-old Tasmanian Alex Peroni tells the chilling tale of his frightening crash that shocked the racing world 😱
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Lucas_Rseau #RoadToRéorientation 1h
Bienvenue a Milan la ville la plus proche de l'autodromo di Monza
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AV  Oct 14
En la recta de Mugello, los pilotos alcanzaban los 330km/h antes de frenar para meterse en la curva de San Donato. ¿Que cara ponía el Doctor en ese momento? La que lució en su propio casco!😱 2008
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Sportpesa Racing Oct 11
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Rei 6h
Replying to @reidemai
イタリアGP週に行われた、Randstad Italiaによるイベントの動画が、字幕付きで同社のインスタにアップされていましたので、 しました。
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GASLY Fans 7h
Replying to @PierreGASLY
[IG: Randstad Italia] “Che cosa si prova alla guida della vettura di Scuderia Toro Rosso? Lo abbiamo chiesto a chi ha potuto provare il nostro simulatore all'evento : ascoltate le loro impressioni.” 🇮🇹
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¿Cuál es su momento favorito en la trayectoria de , la nueva estrella naciente de la ? En lo personal, la victoria en el , con el encendido mano a mano frente a Lewis Hamilton. Seguramente coincidirá en esto...
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Jaideep Singh Arora Oct 12
Green lights again and everyone is out on track. Talk about racing now, eh? What an irony if you remember 😂
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Binge Club Oct 12
Great News for F1 Fans! Enjoy a great deal to enjoy the remaining 5 races of 2019 on a 135 inch screen. Limited seats available. DM for bookings. .
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India Spalvieri Oct 10
E come dimenticare. Io un genio che domenica indossavo le superga.. BIANCHE 👌🏻
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