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Semiotics of Conflict Oct 21
Our new interview is out! Eric Ušić shared his insights about created during and in the aftermath of in , . Read more about Eric's research here:
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Croatian Heritage 5h
Let's just step here and enjoy amazing view, valley of Mirna river and Istrian hills are just in front 😍
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Maja Kraljik Oct 20
Beautiful isolated in front of NW coast from last year.. Sept.8th.2019 NW Istria penninsula,
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Maja Kraljik Oct 16
One more view at the beast above northeastern coast 2 years ago. Definitely one of my best catches ever 😍 June 8th,2018, NW Adriatic, Croatia
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Looking for a spot in ? >>
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Croatia Week Oct 15
The Croatian region of Istria the only region in Europe coloured 'green' on the map
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Kroatie Expert Oct 21
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Helen 20h
Olive oil from is special. But, we also have world class wine, cheese, truffles, pasta. If you love your food and drink, Istria is where you need to be!
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