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FIDH Jan 12
Replying to @fidh_en
📣Tomorrow, will be judged with 5 other human rights activists in , one of the most repressive country for human rights in the world. They face the death penalty. More:
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Amnesty International Oct 26
📢Urgent📢 Next week, cleric and activist face the death penalty for NO reason other than their peaceful expression of dissent. Saudi authorities must stop this before it’s too late! 🕯
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FIDH Jan 13
🚨Update ➡️Israa's hearing canceled and postponed to an unknown date ➡️She and 5 other activists still face beheading for taking part in protests asking the democratization of their country ➡️Democratic countries, EU & UN must demand their immediate release!
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equalitynow Jan 11
We call for the immediate & unconditional release of defender , who is facing the in for peaceful protest. Detained since 2015, her next court appearance is scheduled for Sun, Jan 13.
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Hiba Zayadin Aug 22
has neither been sentenced nor executed. Her trial and that of five other Shi’a activists has only just begun. It is critical that the international community step in now to deter this monstrous development from taking place.
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Amnesty UK Aug 24
'Any execution is appalling, but seeking the death penalty for activists like Israa al-Ghomgham, who are not even accused of violent behaviour, is monstrous' says Sarah Leah Whitson
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Hala Jaber Aug 21
I suggest everyone following or interested in the unfolding events relating to , to please follow this account for updates & clarifications Every retweet & support is important. Thank you in advance.
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Shaykh Azhar Nasser Aug 21
Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia under Mbs: You can drive a car but if you oppose my government, I’ll cut your head off.
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Peter Tatchell Jan 13
RT is jailed & faces a possible death sentence for taking part in non-violent protests & peacefully defending human rights. Join us in calling on authorities to release Israa immediately. SIGN
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Amnesty UK Jan 13
The trial to decide whether activist will be sentenced to death is today. Join us in calling on the Saudi authorities to free her immediately
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equalitynow Jan 13
We call for the immediate & unconditional release of & other in facing the & torture for peaceful activism. It is unacceptable for these women to remain in detention with no access to justice.
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#IsraaAlGhomgham #إسراء_الغمغام 10h
My struggle is not over, I will still face years of imprisonment for my human rights work. My husband & the others who were part of my mass trial still have a death penalty recommendation. The 5th hearing is scheduled on March,5th,2019
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The Observatory Jan 13
Replying to @OBS_defenders
🚨 Today will appear before the specialized terrorist court in 👉🏽Her crime? Participating in peaceful pro-democracy protests 👉🏽The sentence? She faces death penalty by beheading 📣 RT & ask for her release!
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#IsraaAlGhomgham #إسراء_الغمغام Jan 31
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#IsraaAlGhomgham #إسراء_الغمغام 13h
Replying to @IsraaAlGhomgham
Thanks to your support, the prosecution changed their demand from beheadeding me to give me a long term imprisonment. My colleague activists are still facing the death sentence. We all deserve to be set free. More work still needs to be done
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Victoria Brownworth Aug 21
Replying to @VABVOX
The most recent and comprehensive report from yesterday says that is scheduled for execution next month. Please keep advocating for her release. She is being used to warn other women to be silent about human rights abuses against women.
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ECDHR Feb 12
's MEP question on , the detained in Saudi Arabia for participating in peaceful manifestations, has been answered by the EU Commission. Check our article!
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Oliver Windridge Jan 31
Replying to @oliverwindridge
My full analysis will be released shortly.
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Dimitri Lascaris Aug 20
What will that human rights champion Chrystia Freeland do about 's barbaric plan to behead a female human rights activist? Will express her 'deep concern' while continuing to allow arms sales to these monsters?
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Amnesty Gulf Aug 22
Arabia: Appalling plan to execute female activist must be stopped. The international community must pressure Saudi authorities to end the use of the death penalty, which continues to be employed after grossly unfair trials.
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