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Ron Winther Feb 20
The "Religion of Peace" in action..
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edition #170 infographic topic: landmines
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Harem Jaafer Feb 15
terror group is abandoning its foreign militants as it continues losing ground against U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters.
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AlonBenMeir 34m
&#Germany share a sense of urgency after ’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from triggered concerns that U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters may be forced to free their detainees.
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IANS Tweets 2h
Thousands of people evacuated the terror group's last bastion in in vehicles escorted by the -led . Photo; IANS
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Sandra Tyrell Feb 19
Replying to @BryanFerriman
has got citizenship of - lots of countries don't allow you to be citizen of more than one country.
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(Selfie Photo) (ISEA / ASG) Fighters From Undisclosed Location in
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Ajaat Jamwal🇮🇳 19m
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Uday India Magazine 1h
People who scream for should know that a will mean no other religion can co-exist so too in a Catholic state. Only in a state all religion theologies are treated as leading to God:
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Firas Modad 8h
The creepiest thing about women and men is the ease with which they go from having average lives in the UK, to joining , to begging to go back home and seeking empathy.
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The New Arab 2h
‘Shamima Begum and Sajid Javid's circle of (t)error‘ //
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Sumit mahure 15h
Replying to @ZaidZamanHamid
ke dalal influencing to hate against India. Kashmir is not and not going to be. It is the land off .Which is respected by all region in India.
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Rico Schacherl Feb 21
Any known South African citizens who went off to fight for ?
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Mubashir Feb 20
Sunday On Now Friday off 😍 💯 ❤️❤️
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The New Arab 19h
“The children from 30 countries were from families 'with perceived or actual associations' with IS and are living in desperate conditions in camps in north-eastern “ //
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Andrew 16h
evacuate civilians from redoubt, hail troop reversal
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MENAnalyst Feb 20
Daesh claims killing 1 & wounding another PMU soldier (who died later) both of whom belonged to the Counter Terrorism unit, as their 4x4 vehicle was hit by IED in the village of Sheikh Tami in Bohriz district of , in , in the last 48hrs.
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Photoset Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters ( /# ISEA) : Sisters (Female Fighters) Join Mujahideen in , See TRAC analysis
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The New Arab 9h
‘More than 2,500 foreign children from 'IS-linked families' living in camps‘ //
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