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Halla Daoui 🌙 2h
🤫 oh shhh! These are facts, and you know very well that too many people can’t wrap their head around that.
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Dave Cohen 2h
Democrats: "Why spend $20 billion on a wall when we can give $150 billion to a government that sponsors terrorism?"
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Albert Perrotta 7h
Keep believing that. But let's assume you are right. So why DID the Obama administration agree to give Putin what he was spending millions in bribes and blackmail to try and attain? Then change rules for transporting the stuff? Especially if Russia is so evil?
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Sheila Wilson Dec 8
# URANIUM you remember now.
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AND Magazine Dec 4
The "was a horrible, self-inflicted wound ..walking away from it was a good beginning. ...doesn't change the fact that the Iranians have set the Middle East on fire and have no intention of going willingly back into isolation."
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TheRebelJesus 20h
Replying to @CBCKatie @CBCNews and 2 others
Are you people daft? Trump broke int'l law w/d from and imposing sanctions. He has endangered the world. Is Canada his pet poodle? What happened to Canadian principles? Are we now supporting US arrogance?! Get educated and find a backbone or rent one.
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Nida Khan Dec 12
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Alireza Taba 1h
Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) Introduce Legislation Prohibiting Military Operations Against Iran Without Congressional Consent
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Joe Dec 11
It all comes back to Ben Rhodes “they literally know nothing”. Iran, Turkey, and Syria have Americans imprisoned and killed- silence. Saudi kills a Saudi- outcry. Why? To attack MBS who dared question Obama’s
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Cyrus S Dec 8
Replying to @mbobbish @olgaNYC1211
Yes: Building missile defense in Eastern Europe: Obama opposed, Trump did Kicking Assad's asss: Obama refused, Trump did Withdrawing from with Putin proxy Ayatollahs Arming Ukraine: Obama refused Trump did Boosting Poland... and the list goes on
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Brian Clark Dec 12
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
The money was Iran’s money in the first place! It was assets that had previously been frozen by the US. So it was just giving them back their own money!!
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TheRebelJesus 21h
Replying to @RosieBarton @CBC
Yah think? violates international law and consensus, endangers the world by withdrawing from and illegally imposes sanctions. Canada acts like Trump's pet poodle. Is Canada's Pravda? Find a journalistic backbone for God's sake.
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Bardiya Dec 10
Replying to @eu_eeas @FedericaMog
and were shameful hoaxes implemented by corrupt European bureaucrats jointly with team to save the most facshist and barbaric religious regim ruling in Iran! Since then have spent billions of dollars to spread terrorism and developing missiles!!
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Stand Tall n Roar 14h
Replying to @southfronteng
The US left the Iran deal so now they have no say and shouldn’t be involved in any discussions regarding the !!
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Liling Tan 陈丽玲 Dec 12
now addressing UN Security Council, says Iran’s ballistic missile activity has grown since . Says Iran must stop missile activity.
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Arms Control Assoc 12h
"Security Council Debates Latest UN Report on Resolution 2231" on Iran. A summary and analysis from and our team
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Morteza kordafshari Dec 8
Replying to @cnnbrk
clear Footprint () in Paris riot give this message That Paris is No dare to challenge USA power ( European army, , and etc..) and Now paying with riot and chaos.
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Iran Freedom 5h
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Kasra Nejat 9h
U.S. wants UN to ban nuclear ballistic missile work by
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Elad Strohmayer 10h
An impressive (yet not surprising) exposé: an hacking group targeted Treasury officials, high-profile defenders, detractors & enforcers of the , Arab atomic scientists, Iranian civil society figures & DC think tank employees.
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