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Marco Rubio 10h
Will be on at 8:20AM Eastern Time to discuss why I have asked Justice Department to look into John Kerry negotiating with in potential violation of U.S. law.
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Secretary Pompeo 7h
Enjoyed chatting with Laura Ingraham on The . Discussed , , , , and more.
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Prof. Steve Hanke 9h
BREAKING: ’s annual inflation rate measured for today is 283%. This is a new all-time high.
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RT 5h
US cannot seek a new treaty with when it violated the last one - Iranian FM
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NCRI-U.S. Rep Office 53m
The theocratic regime in Iran is truly the magnetic pole of terrorism which attracts terrorist outfits of different nationality and sects to itself.
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Maryam Rajavi Sep 18
The PMOI members& other freedom-loving combatants who were massacred in 1988, stood tall when hanged from the gallows so that the Iranian nation could be proud in one of the darkest eras of her history
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Innocent has again been arrested in . He was brutalized, beaten in front of his family, & sentenced to 10 years in a harsh prison. He deserves freedom:
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mahsti25 15h
The third suicide this week in city, A 16-year-old boy threw himself down from the seven-story building and died. Extreme poverty forces Iranians to commit suicide.
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18 members of a persecuted order in have vowed to remain on hunger strike until their peaceful demands are met. Instead of demanding freedom for themselves, they're demanding it for others
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Sharmine Narwani 8h
I had a summer internship with in Jerusalem, during grad school. Every single article on was expected to reference an alleged nuclear weapons program - regardless of the article's subject matter. My first shocking experience with western media propaganda.
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mahsti25 7h
This is the condition of schools in Balochistan, There are over 6,000 classrooms in need of reconstruction in 's Sistan & Baluchistan Province
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Masih Alinejad 🏳️ 53m
You support but in you arrested29 activists and the for removing their headscarves.What would you hypocrites do if Medea Benjamin protest naked in Iran?You should be banned from entering US not Iranian people.
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Heather Nauert 9h
.’s interview last night with hit on many important topics from to . Check out some the highlights below and read the full transcript here:
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mahsti25 27m
Why many people in are forced to live off others' trash? Poverty spreading across as the regime continues to plunder this rich country's wealth.
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Department of State Sep 19
Special Representative Hook today : "As Secretary Pompeo said in his speech announcing our new strategy, Iran must end its proliferation of ballistic missiles and halt further launching or development of nuclear-capable missile systems."
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Sputnik 43m
to pay for oil imports from in rupees to skirt US sanctions
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Crypto Bible 6h
Mohammed Bin Salman is willing to give 10 Billion USD to Imran khan if he agrees to station Pak troops in Yemen , also pledge Pak troops for any eventual battle in Syria against Bashar ul Asaad. Imran and co are contemplating over the offer.
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Regime Is the World’s Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism: U.S. Country Reports on Terrorism 2017
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Medea Benjamin 53m
Disgusting NYT article gloats about success of US sanctions on , without even mentioning how it is hurting the people.
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Arsen Ostrovsky 24m
At (umpteenth) session on , most states use opportunity to focus ganging up on . But understands : 'The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is serious, but if there is one country that destabilizes the Middle East, it's , not Israel.'
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mahsti25 Sep 19
Replying to @mahsti25metana1
The girl is forced to leave the school, she says: "I wish to be a teacher, I cried and asked to continue my education, but my father would not allow me." The deprivation of children from education increase in because of poverty.
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