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Fed up feminist Nov 19
When's international womens day? When do the women get a day? when is that? Not to take away from mens day, I just think we should establish that there is a womens day too...
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Gemma Dietrich Nov 18
It’s funny how on we celebrate how great women are and on we explain why we’re celebrating them with suicide rates. It’s ok to say men can be awesome 😎
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_ Nov 19
Replying to @Diogo56Official
Because there's a thats why so it's fair
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Stephen Nov 19
Replying to @BBC100women
Interesting that BBC chose to list 100 influential women. Presumably waiting for to issue list of men. A bit of equality from an unbiased BBC needed perhaps.
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Ryan Denham Nov 19
Replying to @jon_weaver
Should be considering the other 364 days of the year is
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🐼 Nov 19
Wtf why is there an but no ?!?
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Mr WreckageTechnique Nov 19
On we celebrate the often unsung achievements of women. On we are reminded that men mostly die early from disease, suicide, murder, accidents, and war. Yay, masculinity.
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Shane Mc Quillan Nov 18
Also let's stop hijacking and celebrate that instead of trying to lessen it
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The Holy Spirit Nov 19
The best way to celebrate is by recognizing that you had a 51% chance of having a penis and testicles. Meaning, women are more rare and thus more special.
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Chad Strong Nov 19
There’s no google doodle for , but there’s been one for for at least the past 4 years. What gives?
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ianlikesfifa Nov 19
is about celebrating how great women are. And rightfully so. appears to be about encouraging men to check for testicular cancer. Am I missing something? 🤔
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Carys Hannah Nov 19
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Jimmy Sin Nov 19
Nice casual sexism, there. Oh wait, I forgot it doesn't apply to men, does it? Imagine the outrage if a bloke salivated over women's bodies on 🤦‍♂️
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Abogwalu Odyrah Nov 19
Replying to @ani_nomso
Hopefully on you can advice women to respect men tho... Oh wait, that is called Mansplaining and misogynistic 🙂
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Gordan Gecko Nov 19
So for at work we had a party and cake... I asked HR if we would have an celebration and was met with confused looks. I will say, I’m not surprised 🤗🤗 hopefully I’m not fired for pointing out this flaw
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këïth Nov 18
Replying to @TheCalebBond
When are people most interested in ? The big peaks are in March and the little peaks are November. Coincidentally is in March
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D.S. Nov 19
Replying to @iowahawkblog
I work for a feminist-infested agency that gives us off as a paid holiday. We had to work today.
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Jungle John Nov 19
It is and I'm yet to see or hear a woman ask when is. Maybe women just have a better head for dates than men?
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kaity not kait Nov 19
So they made to focus on mens mental health.. all for it..however I feel like it belittles the importance of which is central to the fight for women’s civil rights ... just my thought
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Ken Nov 19
Replying to @JoolzDenby
Nice non classy, negative, bitter way to address Give it a break for a second and save it for
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