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European Terminology Mar 26
Look how impressive is the list of and dealing with . Click on the map to find them by country. 👉 👈
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Lizzie De 9 Feb 19
Exactly in 10 years SA could not bring Bossasa to account, my point exactly now we want results from in a month!
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Danny Freeman 22 Apr 14
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of the of the must never murder. and to deter Biya & other .
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Kityo Kenny Rand 24 Apr 16
wat credentials make u the only fit to serve dat she doesnt hv
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JoEm 7 Sep 16
Replying to @AP @UN
Should America or such as stand for
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#🐘ONE 5 Nov 15
Hehehe Economics ni hard Kenya's outlook is good but local pundits were headed to the bottom.
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kingsley kainebi 14 Dec 15
# protesters by Nigeria army and police should come to our rescue
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Eimasher 27 Sep 17
News Breaking: exits from 90 international bodies
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Is there anything like or it's d rule of d ? acted in of & nothing is being ? This puts '/treaties 2 question. & team of .
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Khabar 14 Nov 15
'Deep breaths' for tough new Syria talks in Vienna
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datepalmtreee Aug 11
Is this not a Crime ⁉️ must condemn and address how to STOP this kind of Oppression and Torture Which is becoming and as all Look Shame on the Onlookers
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The accorded to and his by & 2 , , , & peace loving right- conscious/responsible people like is . !
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Itz_CJ▫️ 23 Jul 18
I wish i could call out the and all the other for help to the in Cameroon. But we all know the leader of the is a good buyer or payer he will as usual fill in the coffers and case close
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iLoveMoney 19 Dec 17
And so, the ceased all ties with unregulated to avoid any or frm pinning any blame on 😏 Like wise, will burst once US react on it.
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Clara Ninenyui 22 Jun 18
All these is taking place in while the and other stay back and watch. The of under has declared war on innocent and harmless . , ,, , , civilians.
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Ziggy T Goredema 22 Aug 18
Its now high time we should campaign for dairy farmers and dairy products consumers to change the way they look at . however to achieve this calls for a and to strategically .
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Amor Ama 5 Feb 18
i propose that the , the and other question the Ecuadorian ministry of education for such an unpleasant treatment of international workers in their country.
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“It is important the of this country be taught the critical roles has played in the formation of several , including the MRU, , OAU (now ) and League of Nations and now the . New Book on Liberi...
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Tando Tambe 15 Jun 18
Replying to @AmnestyWARO
Did you actually go to 's and,visit people on bushes to get first hand information from the people or limited you on what you most say.Because they would not allowed like yours to visit certain area of the displaced persons.
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