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Yes I Remember him Great
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Mo Makaveli Aug 19
I love this trilogy as much as i love the godfather trilogy. 🐐🐐
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Flowerman Aug 14
Replying to @Football__Tweet
Personally am a bit disappointed the ref didn't spot the deliberate handball!! [Tongue firmly in cheek]... Deffo red card offence... Off with his ears!!! 😜😜😜
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Bilal Kayani Aug 19
Not the decisive goal of the game though
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The new domain name iniesta .de has been listed for sale at , buy it before its gone! click here:
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Grammar Jew Aug 16
s Streaming Is So Bad That Has Taken Upon Himself To Stream The Game For All The Cules, What A Man. ❤
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Mark Paddington Aug 15
Replying to @FCBarcelona
Should FC Barcelona re-sign , like they will live to regret!😒 .Coutinho was sign to Barça to be a replacement to but instead he has been used as a winger. His dream club is Barça but now the club wants to betray him just blc of a player😒😒😒!
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Martin wignall #GTTO, #socialist Aug 14
Only a personal opinion , my five greatest midfielders , what’s yours ?
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Football Sportwalk ⚽ Aug 12
😍 Messi and together for were a joy to watch! 💯 RT if you miss them
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TheEmperorHD Aug 16
Meet some of the greatest passers of all time! Elegance and majestic!
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👑 Messi 👑 Aug 13
Replying to @Isrtyle
Don't forget to follow me like this tweet if u have followed me and turne d on my notification
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Graham Hunter Aug 14
Really enjoyed making this ⁦⁩ video with Frank Lampard about his career highlights - it’s a joy talking football with him. feature ⁦⁩ UEFA Super Cup - Latest - Video
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Daniel Cappellaro Aug 13
Training | La Croqueta 💯⚽️ A move made famous by , and one used widely in both & This is a fundamental of dribbling in my opinion.
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Victor torres 4h
Replying to @andresiniesta8
gran ejemplo deportista
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Exee 4h
La foto para confirmar una relación? La foto para confirmar una relacion.
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Sara Batres 6h
En directo desde , ofrenda floral en honor a la Virgen de Consolación 💐
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Sportitalia 12h
🇯🇵| L'ultimo allenamento di Fernando in carriera! 🏋‍♂ ➡️ El appendera' gli scarpini al chiodo questa sera dopo l'incontro del suo contro il di e ! ⚽
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𝕭𝖆𝖙𝖎 𝕽𝕲 13h
Buen trío !!! 🗣: #“Fernando Torres es ejemplar"
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rocio pardo soria 17h
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Pedro Martínez Ruiz Aug 20
Comienzan las fiestas en
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