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FOP 86 Aug 6
Mark your calendars! We hope to see you there!
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Rick Snyder 27 Feb 17
GRATEFUL to share our story with Law Enforcement leaders from all across America and Canada
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Corey Kutz 29 Apr 13
better not be calling for more money after paying for Bisard even after this second arrest
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Rick Snyder 26 Apr 17
PLEASED to speak at the Western States Conference of the FOP (All States West of the Mississippi)
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Gabby Gonzalez 30 Jul 16
"We are confident the full measure of the applicable laws will be utilized to ensure proper justice is fulfilled" on Fri. shooting
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holds candlelight prayer vigil for Bradway's family tonight at 7:30 pm. At FOP Lodge #86, 1525 S. Shelby St.
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Witch of everything 1 Mar 12
RT : complains no money for new cruisers. I know a cop with one in his (cont)
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Jacqueline Dheere 6 Jun 18
Big thank you to Hancock County Deputy Galbraith for keeping me (and everyone passing me) safe during a blown tire swap last night on I-70. . .
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