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Natalie Exner Dec 11
When you go to the polls tomorrow you have the power to affect my future and that of my family. 🇪🇺Remember we are your family, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbours, your nurses, your ..we all are .
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Julie Bartlett#Revoker 🦜🎪🖤 8h
Totally with you there. All those people , all our friends neighbours and families put at risk by the bastards. No way we can heal the country now. I will not forgive or forget what they have done to the young people of this country. May they rot in hell.
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Matthias Eberl 🇪🇺 Dec 8
Replying to @Conservatives
Kind of reminds me of this pledge here, which you completely ignore. Why trust you now?
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Marlies Haselton Dec 9
The UK has been my home for 29 years. Is that too long ? I thought you wanted us to stay? This is exactly the language I heard during the last few years that has alienated me and millions of other EU immigrants. It’s too late, the damage has been done.
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Shoshana Dec 7
Know exactly how you feel, Matthias. We are too. In 5 days we'll know whether we stay or leave the country we've chosen as our home 16+yrs ago. Not b/c of the obligation to apply to stay in our own 4 walls (although that's an insult🤬) but it will get worse b4 better😱
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In Limbo Dec 10
Yesterday declared we have been able to treat the UK as if it’s part of our own country for too long, whilst promising to get the numbers of immigrants down. Some members will leave the UK if he wins a Tory majority in the
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Julia Day #SaveOurStar 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇳🇴 🌟 Dec 3
Doesn't exactly count as being automatically granted indefinite leave, does it? Lots of people have been left due to this. Note this is an application process, and people who have lived in the UK for decades have been rejected on administrative grounds.
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In Limbo Dec 7
Sadly, this year is our fourth Christmas . Many of our voices are collected in our two books 'In Limbo' and 'In Limbo Too'. Please consider buying them as a Christmas present for family & friends, or for yourself to read during the holidays.
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Stu Bradley 🇫🇷🇪🇺 17h
It's always been the same. We're the forgotten. The citizens of nowhere.
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#SackBoris🖤🇬🇧 #ProjectHope ⧖ Dec 9
Replying to @localnotail
We have a Conservative Leader employing deliberately divisive language against a group of people who came to make their homes here in good faith - a group of people his government have already treated abominably
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Alfa Delta #EUphoria🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇪🇺#inLimbo 6h
My beloved bros&sisters,I'm switching off the tv & going off twitter to try & distract myself because right now that box of pills looks like the best solution to my desperation...😪 Beyond devastated, terrified, angry & anxious. turning to .
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Bee Positive #YellowRose #VoteTactically Dec 4
Yes, Tories have lied to us all, but especially to our EU family, friends and more in the UK. Brits in EU27 countries are also at risk of losing rights. is an unfair system prone to errors. to help all those . Let's !
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Knitted_Dougal Dec 4
Wait 3 months (if it shows the jab worked) before he can travel on his EU passport. Oh and those are just things that are known...everytime the UK gov (or rather Johnson's puppet master Cummings screws something up it changes) It's no called being for nothing
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Pia Person-of-the-Shade Long 7h
Replying to @Nukapai
A comfort in distress is the friends who have messaged me to express their sympathy for the absolute shit show that will now follow for people like me who are not just but now also officially as wanted as vermin.
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Matthias Eberl 🇪🇺 Dec 7
Brexit does matter to me and my family. ✅ since 2016 ✅Forced to apply to stay in my own home ✅Called 'queue jumper', 'non-citizen' ✅Target of lies about migrants ✅Will lose rights ✅Will lose access to EU funding, students, collaborations
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Matthias Eberl 🇪🇺 Dec 6
Replying to @eberlmat
£8.2m in compensation for wrongful detention last year alone. "We simply do not need to have an immigration detention system in which this is allowed to happen, or one that is so consistently shown to be an utter disaster."
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Pro Europa Dec 4
Replying to @julie4nw @jonathancoe
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 12.45 outside British embassy in Brussels for a silent protest in support of those and :
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Laure Om Dec 7
Middle -of-the-night musings My friend Elly like millions others still .
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Julia S Dec 9
Replying to @cliodiaspora
Add my dispair to that. I am heartbroken
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Jane Keane Proud and Unbowed. Dec 9
EU27 citizens in the UK. You got my vote. Oi Boris Johnson, nasty man, you do one!
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