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ife omoAkin Dec 5
all at once.😳 Don't believe there's no security agent in sight, interested only in SUVs. 🤔 🤷‍♀️😏
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Tantangha Felix Nov 29
This is the of the first order. This is the story n the life of the peoples of an country of . The world sits quietly n watch it unfold. The thinking of diplomats is that we shall give up. Hell NO. The .
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Lahcen Dalil Nov 30
In the " in contexts of occupation" in , i met with the lawyer of the Front "Gilles Devers" who confirmed that early next year we will have big surprises and victories of the case.
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David King Theofilus #BiafraFreedom Dec 2
When you see a confirmed dictator, you can see right in Antonio Gutteres a desperate man. Climate change is for all, why can't you do something about killing of civilians ? Everything that threatened the colonialists it becomes a concern for climate change they cause.
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Lee Jay Y Nov 28
Arnout Carpels and Corinne Staskowiak @ dehulster .be (acting for who tries to give diplomatic immunity to dangerous spies at ) are those who try to get at medical false statements for -order into serious medical crime, Mrs. Kang
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SiRmIxAlOt👁 19h
The insanity called Nigeria. One day we gona be alright. But for now. We just a glorified Zoo. How do you explain some things that go on in this country ? Just How????? .
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ɹǝɥdoʇsıɹɥɔ Dec 1
The two words of the year and
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folu george💜 19h
I don't want to be an activist. I want to face doctoring and my patients. It's rather hard though to turn a blind eye to what's happening. It appears someone is going out of their way to precipitate a 'black swan event' and put us in downward spiral.
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Stanley Oronsaye 17h
"I know that I am in my last term and I can afford to be reckless because I know I will not be asking for anybody’s vote."
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SiRmIxAlOt👁 18h
Nigeria Bar Association This is your chance to shine. Don't miss it.
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Disgruntled Nigerian 🌚 18h
Replying to @SaharaReporters
Next level next level, just like the time they sold us change, we didn't care to ask the next level of what, apparently it is seeming like the next level of .
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Edobong Akpabio, CBFM, FIAM 15h
Replying to @DrJoeAbah
The more we are looking is the less we are seeing... They will de-robe the judiciary over and over!
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M. Jamilu 2h
Replying to @A_Salkida
No leaders that could lead the justice race for fight against from the north because of fear. Fear is like a cancer that consume the soul before the body. We need to to fight for all is leading in providing information
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Lil Kay Nov 29
The biggest problem is not kikuyu the tribe, but kikuyu leaders, they always think the country belongs to the tribe and this has corrupted the tribesmen who think they're better placed to have jobs at the expense of other tribes.say no to
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Tosin Morakinyo 17h
Replying to @akeula_trendy
Rather than praying, can we for once plan to do something proactive against ? No prayer gets answered if action isn't taken. They know we'll suggest prayer, hence the treatment they meted out on us.
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olusina olayiwola Dec 2
Replying to @segalink
On economy- the goldeness of the banana that makes it edible is the prelude to it's rottenness that repulses all. I am not a USA voter , but his antics has emboldened worldwide. Negative values spread faster than positive values.
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Abdifatah Hassan Ali Dec 1
Replying to @IamAbdi5
The family of the slain bajaaj driver came & collected the body of their son not knowing the man who killed him. Crimes like this happen & are barely investigated. A breadwinner’s life was taken & the murderer is still driving the same car in the city!
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All past governors of Abia State deserves to serve Life sentence in jail for heavy misappropriation of the state fund including the just convicted freshly Orji Uzor Kalu.
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Human Rights Oaxaca Nov 28
launches report on & in . The report reveals 3 yrs of & injustice, authorities' lack of political will & sensitivity facing these cases, as well as & permeating institutions.
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Mats Benestad Dec 5
Replying to @matsbenestad
Experts are concerned about the that reigns in many cases involving vast quantities of assets
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