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RPT Apr 13
Replying to @Liz_Cheney
Tell the that..oh right he got memo during the !😏👇🏽
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Barbara Smith #DemCast 🌊 Apr 3
The Abuser-in-Chief is at it again. Who’s ready for more ? Trump says he will fire intelligence watchdog at center of Ukraine allegations that led to impeachment
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GTFOHWTBS!🌊#ProudLiberalBlackQueen #Never45!! Apr 1
45 knew on January 9th. Had he not been clao3ming it to be a hoax, he could have come out with it and the probably wouldn't have happened. Too late for the attempts to gaslight. You bringing more attention to the fact that 45 knew & did nothing but play golf.
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#ChubbyDon Will Go Feb 15
I know! When I heard speak at the it was like a breath of fresh air. I had kind of forgotten that public office holders could be intelligent. We’ve really lowered our standards since took office.
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Barbara Smith #DemCast 🌊 May 7
I see this as the new shiny object being used, just like the conspiracy theories & lies promoted during the . Typical Tom. Deny. Deflect. Distract. Deceive.
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#SaveTheUSPOffice #StayHometoSaveLives #WEARAMASK Apr 17
Replying to @jim1036 @mizkiti4
Mark Meadows signed on to this president's agenda, let him suffer the consequences of his reckless decision, after all he defended him during the
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Ken McDonagh Feb 4
In light of & , it's worth noting the Simpsons nailed everything you need to know about US politics over 25 years ago...
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💙♏️🦃KageeM🦃♏️💙 Sep 10
Replying to @AmbJohnBolton
For the record, the deaths from Covid-19 are your fault as much as the rest of the repubs! You were complicit. You refused to testify during the because you wanted to make a few $$$. You’re just as greedy and heartless as your boi. You are a co conspirator.
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Mary Lou Bolger Mar 28
And no witnesses at the
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🌺🌸 Morgan King 🌸🌺 Mar 28
During the predicted this... that Trump would demand local govts fulfill some wish of his before he would grant them aid/assistance, etc.
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Joseph Martin Feb 10
Replying to @atensnut @POTUS
IMO when Vindman told House he had to report because he was deviating from " inter-agency policy" for , he proof is real & active. Who put him there & thinking he could dictate US Foreign Policy as a political appointee?
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Cherry Kugle Mar 10
After the , staff tried to focus 's attention on but as we all witnessed, he was focused on revenge.
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Robb Lee Sep 18
Just asking... Can a president appoint a Justice during ?
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Marilyn Sarelas #ResistTotalitarianism Mar 16
, we won't forget! We watched the and the . Adam Schiff told you the facts, that Trump would NOT change. You shirked your responsibility and spouted nonsense about Trump learning his lesson. Shameful!
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DWF Feb 18
I won't be buying your book I'll read your book when I can pick it up at the library you had your chance during the to tell all
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Skyleigh😷#StayHome DAY 287@🏠 Mar 5
Replying to @Sky_Lee_1
They have been making amazing productions of the truth for some time. They gave us the during the all done on their own dime & time for our democracy.
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lisalbarjas Feb 17
Just a friendly reminder to everyone--If you've pre-ordered 's book, you still have time to cancel your order. He shouldn't be rewarded for keeping his mouth shut when we needed him to speak during the .😒😒😒😒
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Pete 🇺🇸🆘 Oct 10
I thought the were good, but not as good as the . Because Who’s with me? Pass it on cc:
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SFDukie Sep 6
When VP accepted campaign contributions from singer-employees were illegally reimbursed-as is reported for DeJoy-Agnew was forced from office and convicted, and Singer executives went to prison for , now.
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🤸‧ꚂՇєקɦคภเє‧🇺🇸✹ May 13
Replying to @20thgrader
From this chart, you can really see how & fu¢ked with him. Isn't it wonderful ...
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