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Al Aqsa TV 3h
Remember Palestine I own Israel it’s just name but there spiritual war that can not be seen happening over there I’m playing war to be or not to be I leave that in the hands of humanity when they realise what this word means
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Dilawar Ali kiyani Feb 10
Abstain from the unlawful and you will be a worshipper, and be content with what Allah has predestined for you, you will be sufficient, be benevolent to those who take up proximity in your neighborhood, you will be a Muslim. A.S
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nico Feb 7
Replying to @NicholasAnjawa_
i'm just a sayed not a i'm related to س through my who actually traces his roots to the i mean like traces his roots to the #7 infallible Imam the great great great grandson of the that way
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Imam Sheikh Wazir Feb 13
Replying to @TIME
Mr Trump you owed Millions of apologies to over a billion Muslims including millions of Americans for your all kind of reckless statements and endless tweets! SH Wazir
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Ahsan Abbas Feb 8
says “Fifty nights had passed after death of of that illness of resumed and she perceived that this illness will lead up to her . Thus she willed to so that he may act upon it & requested him to implement it without fail
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Vinod Wakkchare 8h
Once he was an extremist !! An ideal to follow...
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Replying to @ArvindKejriwal
this is providing monthly salery to those nd who produce and in their by brainwaishing that ultimately killed our and as act of . we must get rid of these kind of or from society
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Rafiq Husain Mirza Feb 7
Replying to @Imamofpeace @arth_live
go back your home We don't need you&don't like you # of fasaad
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Comyar Saleh Feb 7
Where is our ? It's , I need you.
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GoddessLola Feb 14
Replying to @ZGODDESS_LOLA
2. To fully understand & wanna make good money. Just by of the . becoming an or is very least
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Rajeev Nagotra Feb 12
How could the parents of the girl side with the tormentor, ?
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sana123 Feb 14
Replying to @spectatorindex
January 1979 received letters from in which mentioned will support Bakhtiar in and they recommended Imam either to support him or be silent. has written he would launch bloodbath in if does not support Bakhtiar,
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Dharmendra Feb 13
Replying to @ShashiTharoor
Why tell only sangh parivar ? also tell the & celebrating the . Happy Sir
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The Gospel Truth 📜 6h
Imagine looking at the beautiful face of the best of mankind, peace and blessings upon him 💛 . . .
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Smoking Mirror Feb 8
Replying to @DesertErrorist
These word you people throw around have meaning and origins. According to Hadithist Cults, the cannot exist without an . Does the Quran say this? Also does the Quran clarify who can be an Imam and what an Imam does?
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AliMirzaei Feb 10
Imam Zaman Ali, Ali, Ali (as) and leader of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, if I am the leader of the United States, the President of the United States,
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S. Feb 7
all you are in the same, war against Islam try all posiblety to throw dirth to islam but you must see that u all never ever gona succeed ... u all try in every possible way to do! whatever all of you will never reach the goal of islam!
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The Gospel Truth 📜 5h
Before you disagree ask yourself, “Does my opinion count?”🤔 . . .
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The Gospel Truth 📜 8h
Oh Muslims, listen attentively to this. The heart of the prophet was golden 💛 . . .
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Saanika Kala Feb 11
‘He said 15-yr-old was his wife’: Witnesses on sexual assault accused Imam in Kerala
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