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Imam Sheikh Wazir 5h
Please don’t miss this very important our 2nd Annual Conference, coming together for all of our common good causes, please spread the words! Sheikh Wazir
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Maedeh Apr 20
Imam-e-zaman is the twelveth for and he was in absence from his child times.And his long absence continued now. And it isn’t going to finish without   permit.He is the end Pedeemer for mankind.
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mir daraksha sajjad Apr 20
He is not hidden,,his presence is more viable than any other visible existance,it is you who is absent,you shud be present,he is awaiting u.... mehdi a.s
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D' Arcy Shaikh🇵🇰🇸🇦 9h
2011 WorldCup per Ban tha 2015 WorldCup per Ban tha 2019 WorldCup squad k liye select hi nh kia💔 phr kehty ho world class bowler hy Yes he is but ye kesa insaaf hy ? perchi ko select krlia or ?😭
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WANI🕊 Apr 14
Knowledge is a Gift from Allah Not everyone obtains it... Ahmad Ibn Hambal
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Jonas Nyabor 21h
The Chief , Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu earlier this morning joined the the King Church in Accra for its Easter Sunday service ahead of his 100th birthday celebration on Tuesday.
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Narkwor Kwabla 16h
's Chief Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, celebrates his 100th birthday with the on Easter Sunday. This is religious coexistence and exemplary leadership.
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Marefat Magazine 4h
The Holy Prophet [saww] said: "Your Imams are your leaders before Allah, therefore be careful whom you follow in your religion and your prayers." (Bihar…
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حق پیرو Apr 21
Replying to @Ahmadinejad1956
People, see the effects and believe Our is not a conceptual substance a day
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WANI🕊 Apr 18
Conceal hardship so much so that People presume you are blessed And have an easy life... shafii(RA)
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Amir Taheri 19h
Grand Ayatollah Alavi Borujerdi sermon on birthday of : If you wish the Mahdi to return, first purify your hearts, then clean society of injustice and prove you deserve such a blessing. Allah sent all the prophets and all holy books as foretaste for 's Return.
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ᴀᴍᴍᴀʀ ᴀʟɪ ᴋᴀᴢᴍɪ Apr 20
Replying to @AmmarKazmi514
Indeed he will bring the East and the West of the world to justice and he will establish equality where there is discrimination. May Allah help us to become true followers of the Ahlulbayt and true companions of the of our time, May hasten his appearance.
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Imam Mansoor Clarke 15h
As a British , i’d like to express my heartfelt condolences to the victims of the absolutely horrific attacks in It doesn’t matter WHO the perpetrators or the victims are - THIS HAS TO STOP! We must work together to build in society!
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Muhammed Reza Tajri Apr 20
On behalf of the , we you on the auspicious birth of the of our era (atf). We ask to hasten and ease his reappearance. We request you for your on this blessed , and likewise for the remainder of this grand month.
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WANI🕊 Apr 13
A Blind Eye is Better Than A Blind Heart Ali
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Abu Ismail Al Farsi Apr 16
Replying to @Imamofpeace
Actually you've been exposed by countless people including the tyre head mullas in Qum Iran where you claimed to have graduated from to be a fraud. The only ones that take yo serious are your right wing islamophobe fans!
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Eng_Sher Baz Ali Shah Apr 13
Replying to @Alisyed30
This is quite simple! The current form does matters, and seeing through all the resources Pakistan is having, this could be the possible 15man squad. Maybe maybe could have been consider for it but I will go with , as he is well aware about English conditions.
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WANI🕊 Apr 15
The dua made at TaHajjud Is like an Arrow That does not Miss its Target ❤❤❤ shafi
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soban 15h
Replying to @Saj_PakPassion
Same ye style tha ka last world cup se pehle ..... he was flop ,! Ur stats should not be explain by urself ...Best of luck
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MK Apr 19
What a great by the today about the importance of the and its link to and He provided a few tasks that are required for the solution to our…
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