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Soumyakant Sahoo 3m
Replying to @ZomatoIN
So your customer care sleeps mid-way.
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dawoke_bitch Jul 13
The is strong with this one ... 😂😂
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Jason Boylen Jul 13
Replying to @JoshHarris25
Yeah Josh. Keep talking like you know how much money it takes to research, develop, test, get FDA approval, produce, advertise and sell your drug before even getting a penny of profit. It's not like they found these pills growing in the forest.
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Edward Boughton Jul 12
Replying to @natalie_allison @GOP
Sounds like the current ’s agenda of &
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BigMemeDoggo Jul 14
Prancing around as if an 😇👸🐝
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Witchy Woman Podcast 17h
@$&! !🤬 charged me a year's worth of premium and then sent me this! They claim not to cover spiritual advisers and psychics. I AM A MEDIUM AND REIKI MASTER. I don't tell fortunes like #@%! Miss Cleo!
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Sam Newman Jul 13
Can ANYONE masquerading as an announcer, pronounce words like ‘contribute’, properly. It’s ‘conTRIBute’. And, if you say ‘haitch’, instead of ‘aitch’, resign. 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓
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Jagruthi 8h
#musicislife#voice #heart#ignoranceisbliss
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dont call me Lulu Jul 13
Did just say we are South African, our clothes do not define us. What about traditional attire?
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Sir_Byo Jul 12
Free HIV testing a short story! 1/3 For some reason, dude decides to post this for whatever reason! I read through the comments to check if someone calls him out.
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Connor Donovan Jul 15
Replying to @ConnorDMe
You can believe in whatever you want. I don't give a damn. However, when you start doing this shit, you lose respect from me. is bliss.
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Kathy Hickman Jul 7
When you live in a hick town.... I just threw up a little. It says TRUMP 2020 NO MORE BULLSHIT
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Steveo’s news outlet Jul 9
Replying to @Telegraph
They continue to climb that damn mountain to prove something to themselves. It’s not a tragedy it’s and a failure at life itself.
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Marcos Rivera Jul 14
is NOT , it is postponed pain.
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NachternalInnovations Jul 9
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ChasingDreams Jul 14
But the most difficult part can be admitting there was a sin to begin with. Most people find it too hard to face their crimes and find it easier to pretend nothing ever happened.
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louise ash 12h
Why can’t these bigoted parents see that religion is a choice, sexuality isn’t? Teaching children about different relationships and families breeds tolerance. It does not make children gay.
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Senior Account manager@forexlivetrading Jul 8
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Catherine Perry. Jul 14
Replying to @PatMcd10
You're discounting the spiritual and cultural significance placed upon the rock? It's not just a rock. It's a sacred site.
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Rita Jul 14
So who wants to agree that "A woman of color" is completely different than "A colored lady". "Colored" IS a racist thing. It's not the same and I'll win this argument.
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