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TheRealArbuckle 15h
I really like “The Beverly Hillbillies” but sometimes Granny is just plain ignorant. She can’t seem to grasp the concept of adoption. Plus, she proudly waves that evil Confederate flag. Not cool.
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VictorRT 7h
Replying to @TimMansplainsIt
Calling someone a fascists shows a level of and that negates any argument you wish to make. If you are unable to speak using your words or any form of logic I suggest you press and hold the power button on the right side of your computer to get an operator.
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Larí 1h
Has anyone else seen those posts attacking or trying to “expose” them? 🤔 I’m sorry I forget when peta raped, confide in horrific conditions and slaughtered an animal to feed you. What are you on about?!
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Cindy Chan 23h
Replying to @Sportsnet @UberEats
Sorry the way you guys are dressed is not all business. Made me laugh though.
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Somnophilic🌸🦀MSA 4m
Em in love with your Ignorance The more u ignore, the more i get addicted to your Ignorance
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David K.S. Tse 5h
Replying to @vfyf2019 @GaryLineker
Bravo ! 👏 is about . Please get to (hopefully 🙏😅🙇☮️🙌). Otherwise , , & 🙄😖✊
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Camilla van Gerbig #BitchesvBrexit #RevokeA50 17m
More boring old facts.
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Relentless Prospective PhD🐾 Apr 22
I had a faculty tell me there are many things you can do that wont cost you a penny. Then je went onto list all the things that require a certain kind of time that only is achievable if i quit my 3 jobs while in school that I needed to pay my tuition. My time IS money.
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Bibhuti Bhusan 1h
Did I just heard Modi spoke carelessly of Nuclear weapons for campaigning?! Now India has also descended to the league of the likes of Gen. Musharraf and Kim Jong, few of the least strategically and politically literate leaders of the subcontinent. really pays off.
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Ryan Ricardo Dunkley 7h
People have very short memories weren’t people a while ago complaining about Rotten Tomatoes now all of sudden it isn’t a issues any more. How very quickly people forget 🙄🙄🙄
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Sean O'Neill Apr 22
Replying to @dom_da_champ
I see you got the point.
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ilovemylife5 Apr 22
Any good can crumble, when enough people in that democracy don't for themselves. We are well on our way. ignores what is happening right under its nose. A brain isn't worthwhile if it only believes what it wants to believe
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Evan 20h
Replying to @drugznalkohol
Where the daddies????
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I wrote the Fed Reserve Act Apr 23
not grounding the 737 Max immediately show how corporatism can kill you......DT was well outside his wheelhouse of knowledge.....
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Bedros Gesaratsian 1h
Replying to @Kornelij
A blatant example of & .
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Drew Turner Apr 22
Replying to @LadyJuanita83
My brothers and I have the SAME mother and father, but they are darker. According to YOUR theory, I'm the biracial one and they are not, right?
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Kristie 18h
I’m here now to ask if this is something I need to remedy, if this is something I should take full responsibility for now knowing better.... please ethnic women affected by this... help me be better informed.
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Riando Apr 23
Replying to @DineshDSouza
YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING SCIENTIST so you can kindly STFU now about ALL subjects which you are unqualified & unlearned about- including history since you seem to think you’re an authority on topics for which you have no relevant education to base your inept theories upon.
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John Harrison 8h
Imagine unironically believing that humans breathe
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cassia 2h
While interviewing Jane Goodall Jimmy Fallon asks, "What are we waiting for?", regarding environmental action. I'm waiting for procreating people like Jimmy, to stop bringing more people into the world to destroy it.
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