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Nkiruka Nistoran Apr 3
COVID-19 Lock-down: Ohanaeze demand Sack, arrest of Minister Foruk over Statement against Igbos has it that, the minister as stated that Igbos has people outside the country to help them only the poor in the North will benefit.
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TemiTope. Esq. Apr 3
: The should not expect any kobo from govt since they choose Biafra - Min Sadiya Farouq Claiming, we are only sharing to the poorest in , because we don't have poor people in . Well I don't believe its true, but what if its true?
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Dr Love 🇺🇸🇳🇬 Apr 5
If you are not Igbo, I have no words for you. Umudiaba women gather here for your sister.
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But this is not the first time things like this happened. It's high time we understand these guys have no value for the South South & East. Unfortunately most of us are made to understand that the are the enemy, this a tool to not make us united against our oppressors.
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Ebikeme Ebediowei Apr 7
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Resign for marginalising Igbos on COVID-19 palliatives – Ohanaeze tells Minister, Farouq
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Mazi Iheanyi Chukwu Apr 8
This minister of aviation in Nigeria , addressing news crew in language, what happened 2 & the rest? "one Nigeria", my foot
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Igbos to the world: Nneka Ogwumike President of Women’s National Basketball Players Association
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Simon Eguji Apr 6
You seize bags of rice from & in particular; and you share to AREWA Fulani Islamic North & their Yoruba collaborators? Meanwhile there are questions why your "President Buhari" wears facial mask & couldn't cover a HOLE in the neck of his mask. Is he an IMPOSTOR?
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The Republic Apr 5
Impassioned neo-Biafra movements have revived calls for the government to be held accountable for alleged genocide against and . But does a genocide allegation against the Nigerian state hold much water?
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Casper John Apr 2
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Uwanuakwa Ikenna Apr 3
Replying to @Sadiya_farouq @MBuhari
When they come up with the phrase "no section of this country will be marginalised", that means they have already marginalised some tribe especially the . Don't worry worry will one day retire from that throne.
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Adi Eze of Africa Apr 5
You see those my Igbo brothers singing Yoruba songs? They are just looking for ways to deliberately divide this country😁😁. How will you take a language you can't speak and murder it for people to enjoy as music?
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Ekpere Nwankwo Apr 8
Replying to @YemieFash @abikedabiri
This is why need & our identities on a . ! The only I see are . ! will not mess with . To hell with . ! !
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SmithVal MD 🇳🇬🇺🇸 Apr 5
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Ca_Santus Apr 4
has never depended on the to feed,clothes or shelter. We are of ourselves. will end someday then we’ll see who survives after that.
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: laments suspension of at , says are marginalized ->
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