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Javad Zarif 30 Jan 18
ICYMI: I re-posted my last night's Tweet that was accidentally deleted. seal is a measure of quality for Iranian consumer goods. But sadly for Trump & Co, we don't put it on missile parts. Time for some to do a better job of fabricating.
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Jayam Ravi 6 Oct 16
Best wishes to the team of Devi for a grand success today! Rock on my brothers sir and sir 👍🏼👍🏼
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⭐️Bobby⭐️ 10 Mar 15
Replying to @jakemiller
damnz. 😱
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A Look At The iSiri SmartWatch? (Video) |
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Shahrzad Samii 29 Jun 14
The plan of Standard Org of known as for testing the quality of IPersianI
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Simona Siri Gerstein 6 Jan 18
if you ask me "what would you like to be able to do at least once in your life" my answers is "the triple Axel"
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Iran Embassy SA 🇮🇷 Sep 18
Standard delegation led by Nayereh President of is in for
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Pouya Zangeneh 30 Jan 18
Replying to @s_saeen
They had the logo of the Iranian consumer products standard institute there too, but Nikki croped it... hahaa that usually goes on shampoos!
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BookMooch 19 Aug 10
A Nice Depangement of Epitaphs: Ellis Peters
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Nano Statistics 12 Mar 18
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Chady Abou Jaoude 9 Nov 12
The connects to your via Bluetooth.. Will you be sporting it?
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SiteRank Today 23 May 16
Site Information Updated: .org -
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MJ Haynes 29 Oct 14
S/O to for the follow! To the greatest co-pilot & calming, voice of reason a weary road warrior could have!
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Mousa Bin Khaled ♌ 25 Oct 11
How can I help fighting poverty? I can not help you, I do not want to go to jail!
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Cheryl Ceballos 7 May 16
🔥 Home Kit is coming with iOS 10 knows the types of HomeKit-enabled products you…
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آق مرتضى 30 Jan 18
=))) A very good one if ‘s administration has really put logo on it!
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Sean Jazayeri 29 Jan 18
UK ambassador to the UN provides evidence of Iranian weapons. AND the evidence is... A computer power cord with logo. Nice try Mr. Ambassador.
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Totep0d 2 Dec 11
Replying to @theappledev
does works?
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فهد الوشمي 8 Nov 12
iSiri smartwatch brilliant concept : via
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