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Ameya Jun 21
home brew hitting the spot right now.
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Jenny Frecklington-Jones Jun 15
Need you be reminded that appearing on the list of warning signs of Fascism is "Controlled Mass Media". This fits nicely with the LNP's and Item 50 on its wishlist: Break up the ABC and put out to tender each individual function.
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Betty G Jun 18
Replying to @deniseshrivell
I can't see how is not classified as an associated entity of the Liberal Party going by the Commonwealth Electoral Act I can't see how it hasn't been- am I missing something Denise??
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Rick Lane Jun 18
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BlotReport Jun 21
Georgina Downer is avoiding answering policy questions. Given she is running in the Mayo by-election, this is odd. Could it be because policies are embarrassing for the government.
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Rowan Jun 16
The Turnbull government voted to sell ABC
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Deb K Jun 16
In case anyone hasn't seen the 75 point wishlist for the to achieve in govt., see attached. The 'think tank' really knew how to mess with Australia & the Libs are still trying to tick them off
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Michael Ceccarelli 21h
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Steve Woots 19h
Replying to @Adorakrem
Dear Georgina, please take a hint (and probably a hike). Yours etc, Guess she'll still have the no competence, nothing useful to do, nothing to produce job at the . Unless she's become an embarrassment even to them?
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No More Chemo Julie Library Jun 17
. if that is the case why is there always an stooge on current affairs programs? And why do journos have to go "gently" when interviewing Liberal politicians?
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DoNut Jun 17
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Writerbyter Jun 18
Replying to @alpsa
💬When will the reveal their donors?
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Us & Them Jun 18
Replying to @PaulBongiorno
This fool has been pushing an protection racket for the Government since he took over from Bronny
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Blogger Me Jun 18
Replying to @LordofWentworth
The is not an appropriate voice of opinion on the ABC or because of what it is, its opinion is meaningless because it only expresses the opinion of a small number of .
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Fierce Dinosaur Jun 18
has a membership of 4559 which is 0.018% of our population. Very disproportionate amount of power & influence.
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Fr Rod Bower Jun 18
The will sell the because the has told them they must
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Jenny Frecklington-Jones Jun 19
Sadly, I have not noticed the giving the and its lobby group a hard time for many years now. In fact I've only observed the opposite.
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Ghost of PJK Jun 15
I think the next govt needs to ask it worth putting the beyond it's own reach, so it can always be beyond 's. Partition a share of the budget, partisan proof the board. Make it impregnable to the & 's
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Paul Dutton Jun 15
This is what Liberal Party & want to destroy. The ABC has presented the world to Australia & bought Australia to the World. Everything from Cricket, to the latest bush news and the news to the bush. Time Australia fought back against LNP & IPA.
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OhDear Jun 22
I got it. IPA recruit the academic mediocre who for all of their lives have been told they are intellectual giants and they are never wrong. And then groom them in the IPA., so they say stupid things with such confidence that the lazy people believe them.
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