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r4Th Jul 17
when will you list ?
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Visar Kelmendi Jul 14
+10.000% after Coordicide Testnet?!?
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The tangle is working better than ever and it's only getting better from here. ✅nodes are easy to maintain and they don't stop working ✅spamming no longer reduces confirmation rates drastically ✅steady > 98% conf. rate Next: -way higher TPS -alpha-net -
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Dominik Schiener Jul 16
Amazing growth of the Foundation over the last year. I'm really proud to work with so many passionate, enthusiastic and intelligent people from all around the globe to build the future together.
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XDK2MAM Jul 19
The LoRa extension pckg to integrate the XDK110 to the Tangle via MAM is now available at our GH repo! Despite not being in our roadmap, we got some sample extensions and just had to do it ;) -
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Joe DEsopo Jul 17
This is a great example for the “pay for a cup of coffee” with crypto test. $0 fees to buy the coffee - just pay the price. Finally the test has been achieved using .
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N3OS3R™ Jul 17
Replying to @bbands
with no doubt. A sleepy giant. One of the most undervalued alt & one of the few projects that actually have use cases, huge potential & a pro team. A game changer for . Feeless, scalable, DAG. Not much else to say, for everything else
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regine Jul 17
Great meeting with today in the office in Berlin before their tonight
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Rafael Presa Jul 19
My lecture on to the Executive Program class, Scale Up Weme.
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AKITA Jul 12
Replying to @iotatoken @tangleblog
2017 bought first iota on ydx slack channel > data market place > 2018 Fujitsu Hannover Messe > iampass > 2019 Dubai car wallet > Virtual Lab: machines > ...
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IOTA Jul 15
We are excited to share some of the early progress our research team has made on the simulations of Fast Probabilistic Consensus.
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Daniel Stricker Jul 16
👇Read this from the todays press statement👇 source:
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durerus Jul 12
We now finally have a wallet out of beta and a fast tangle. I like that.
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Daniel De Michele (Carpincho Dem) Jul 19
Replying to @Bosch_BCDS
How sensitive is the data you are sending? Would you like to decentralize it on a DLT that won't charge you a fee to provide immutablity and allows you to encrypt it? If so, is the answer and you need to check this
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mr-supertrade Jul 19
Dear cryptogod.. Please send us a little pamp so I can afford a nice old camping van for festival season 🙏 Dreaming of one for yeaaars.. Thank you!
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Vrom Jul 16
Spread the word! You all need ! Reach out to Dan [IF] from the Foundation!
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IOTA Jul 11
Coordinator soon delete 🌍🌋🚀
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~C4Chaos Jul 14
TLDR: if you’re in crypto and you’re not watching closely, you won’t be prepared for a rude awakening 🍿😎🍺
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public IOTA Jul 19
With the medium article "Test The Tangle Text" we start a campaign which has the goal that in the next months many people try the extraordinary technology of and the . Be part of the event!
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IOTA News 12h
Great job on the LoRa extension, to transmit data over LoRa while ensuring digital trust and security through .
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