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Timothy Beauchamp 1h
is a poor substitute and until the Russian probe is over!
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Kent Rasmussen 7h
It is for that you have to endure. God is treating you as . For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are children and not sons. (Hebrews 12:7-8 ESV)
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Russell Saylor 18h
Reminder: this is ALL . If our leaders had had any courage of their convictions, we would’ve been told about the Russian op BEFORE heading to the polls in 2016 & the election itself would’ve been deemed invalid. We’ve already surrendered so much to the bullsh*t.
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JSGaetano 24m
The started the day he took office, and started his war against the US Economy.
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Audrey Goyette Nov 13
She shouldn't have to run again, if they prove he cheated to win, it should go to her automatically, like it does in every other competition. It would have to go to the , and we can't count on them anymore w/ & picked by .
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Irvin (Irv)Valkowitz Nov 9
Replying to @jonfavs @marcorubio
To to call into question the motives is showing us how unamerican you are. You should want ALL VOTES to be counted. If not, then that person will be You should insist that all votes get counted.
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newspyre360° Nov 5
"The United States’ unilateral coercive measures, in particular those with ( and ) extra-territorial application, invoke discrimination against civilians on the basis of the country of residence, or nationality."
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Christopher Anthony Nov 11
Yes, it is, in any language.
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Robert Hickey Nov 12
Folks, I've been a practicing Clinical Psychologist for 48 years. Our country's is seriously/dangerously mentally ill! 280 characters prevent listing all the psychological indicators/markers! is clearly dangerous for us all & USA!!!
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Deuce 22h
Replying to @USRealityCheck
Who the hell is she to be calling for anything? Is she even here legally? never released her 'immigration documents' as promised during the campaign we don't know. It remains a 'mystery' like his tax returns. She has some damn nerve! 👀
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Robert Hickey 18h
⁩ & is dangerously mentally ill! The United States of America & democracy are in real peril under him!
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villavec Nov 9
Replying to @Redistrict
Of course there is only the possibility of more Dem votes. That's how it always works.
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T Shawn Nov 13
Replying to @PattyArquette @Roddee
He's not going to come out because his "manliness" is being questioned (rain averse?) and he doesn't want to make those bogus excuses in public. Once again, is a coward to all that care to look.
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Antoinette Wynn Nov 10
I see what he's doing here, if a question is too tough to answer he calls it stupid. That's what imbecilic racist bottom feeders do.
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KB Vinz Nov 10
There’s a REAL man, a REAL leader! Unlike
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Timothy Beauchamp Nov 11
Jim Acosta... you knew who I meant. Sure u never made a mistake, KKKonservative. No one proved sexual assault Kavanaugh DIDN'T DO IT. Just because he got confirmed, he's still .
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AnikaGlass Nov 9
Replying to @chrislhayes
The “bogus chief law enforcement officer”. “So called”... “ ”...“poseur” “”...
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RM #DemForce Nov 11
Exactly What sane man & , or not takes the side of the natural disaster over Americans who have lost their lives, the lives of family and friends, neighbors...literally everything they own except the clothes on their back Only
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Madhurjya Ch Nov 8
Poor sentence construction, wrong grammar or spellings are signs that an email or a social media post is . But, just because the post or the email is well constructed, don’t assume it to be risk-free. tips-
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Jeff Cunningham Nov 13
This is your daily reminder that Donald Trump lost by nearly 3 million votes and needed foreign interference to take office.
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