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Asclepius 20h
1/2 "Lies, damned lies & " - He's all over the news today so let's remind ourselves of what kind of liar is - man so duplicitous he was once reprimanded by the UK Statistics Authority:
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James Wilder 10h
Know what? Gonna make a stand for . Not because he is a smart ar*e trying to capitalise on his academic past, but because he just got upset in some shape or form.
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Kpevor Godfred Mensa May 23
After 7 months of teaching without salary, he had no money to go to the hospital. Now he is dead. Whyyyy??? What crime??? and salaries
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Johan wijbenga May 18
go to the start.
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OccupytheWeb 6h
Become a Snort Expert! Snort IDS for Hackers, Part 1-5
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Replying to @gobrot4 @BENEFITS_NEWS
'On the plus side, at least didn’t arrive in the Galloway-esque fedora and cravat he has taken to wearing of late, looking like a struck-off psychiatrist who now works weekends in the Sherlock Holmes museum' Don't know about psychiatrists - there's plenty that want sending
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Irishdoorsystems May 22
Glazed Front Entrance facade installed by Irish Door Systems Ltd. This included the installation of both Internal and External double swing doors using state of the art profiles. Email our sales team at to find out more.
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Mrs Pink 7h
Replying to @WalkingForEU
a speaking with a heart of stone
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fodderman1914 19h
" orders/HANDCUFFS mps can vote for any leadership canidate but must vote for winner in brixit vote in common" =
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Martin Guest #FBPE 13h
Replying to @LBC
People such as couldn't possibly understand those of us with standards! He's always been a gutter dweller!
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Tony Times 11h
would be favourite given his record on .
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IDS Consulting 14h
Business Tax Planning: Changes are Coming
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Tempusfugit May 20
Replying to @mmaher70
Esther McVey has always "had it in" for anyone who dared to claim benefits, especially the most vulnerable, including those with life long disabilities and between her and they have gave birth to a NAZI style welfare state which KILLS instead of cares.
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Del Chatterson May 23
Good reading at Second Cup. My favourite coffee shop.
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Staslice Ra ‘ hill o'Héalaiky May 22
New Dangerous Cadre At Large! Ian Duncan Shit Now Piping 2 Octaves Up on behalf of Brexit Party of whom he Aint a member and totalising a totalisation of total cyphrous nebulosity about a No Deal that I’ll give him on his Falsification of CV Certificate!! Pheww!! Tories Out!
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helen mee May 22
Fabulous to get early awareness!
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Richard Disney 2h
. The Quiet Man no longer. Unfortunately. Though angrier. Mind you, his advice on how to win an election would be as useful as a chocolate teacup.
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LVI@LVIaLondres 22h
“Stupid” is the word most often used in association with . Positively knock on wood: so much for “the quiet man” more like the “motormouth of unlistening ignorance”
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angie 19h
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Julio Cesar Zuniga May 20
Honored to be a speaker on the Regional Research Congress at San Pedro Sula, Honduras!!!
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