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Negan`s Goddamn Mizzy ♥ (Miz) Apr 25
Imma back, fuckerz❗️Customers tried to chew me up and crap me out but not one bit of that shit flies here. ‼️ What did I miss❓ Anyone announcing the or a date for of eventually❓🧐❤️
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Negan`s Goddamn Mizzy ♥ (Miz) Apr 3
Gnight - in sad times we live when a humble fan is too afraid to piss someone off by sharing another opinion of fictional stuff than the main audience. But that's how we live now. I rather shut the fuck up now than losing friends and ppl I care about. ❤️
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MegaDozo Dec 21
Replying to @AMCTalkingDead
Keep negan on the show for more seasons
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Negan`s Goddamn Mizzy ♥ (Miz) Jun 22
Replying to @TheWalkingDead
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