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Johnny Terris Sep 14
Andrew Scheer stated once in Parliament that "we will always denounce those who promote hateful ideologies" but yet in the same breath also believes that two gay people who love one another shouldn't be married.
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Holly A Lucas Sep 15
Absolutely disgusting and they have the guts to shout about respect!
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Rosie Posie Sep 15
The second your argument turns from the subject at hand to trashing the other parties looks, you've lost the argument, period. I'm embarrassed for you. Is your association with a racist, woman basher worth the free brushes? Where's your integrity?
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Claire Day 🐔🍷 💩 Sep 15
Replying to @CBCPolitics @subvoyeur
Yet he pressured Trudeau to have his liberal candidate resign. !!!!
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West Side Tory 13h
So let’s take the poor peoples one and leave all the well off. That’s what I hate about lefty white liberals, say you are for the poor but take what little pleasures the working class have for your woke walking tracks so you can be closer to nature. .
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karmaCAMILEon 21h
Suddenly lots of my fb friends becomes philophers. 😂😂😂
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Fake Mitch Johnson Sep 9
Sandpaper - Crime Mints, Zipper, Dirt - Acceptable Mocking Leech - Crime Mocking Smith - Banter Crowd Asks for Joffra's Passport - Foul Language Crowd Sings The convicts song - Banter
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💧Aaron Dodd 24h
.: If welfare recipients are not taking drugs they have nothing to worry about drug testing. Also the Libs: We don't need a as there is nothing to see here.
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Steve Roche 15h
3 months ago Tyson was big, venomous and spiteful & praised to the hilt. Now it’s all your fault he got a massive cut which affected his performance. How bloody dare you 😆
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Gene Ho Photography Sep 12
Oh really Cory Booker... Donald Trump is a racist? When people say that Donald Trump is a racist? Say, "Oh really! Wow!!! You met Donald Trump personally!!!" How is it that the minorities LIKE ME who actually met and know Trump - speak so HIGHLY of him?
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🇭🇰StandWithHKalice_ Sep 10
To all around the world DO NOT TRUST ! Many of the famous in , who ALLEGED they support minority and female, NEGLECT all the and to protesters. They are still getting money from the benevolent citizens!
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Gaurav Mishra Sep 15
Replying to @ashoswai
Got rid from Swine! Moksha ki Prapti 😅 Thanks
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Going Backwards? 18h
She is a warmonger, talks about everything and anything but not the American people. She has a hidden agenda, beware!
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Pranav Mahajan Sep 15
Very true. But unfortunately their no is increasing at a rapid rate as their masters r increasing their wages at a faster rate. Their own children wont forgive them for the worst sins they r committing for a little money or few moments of fame. These r loyal to nobody
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Scott Huber Sep 12
Replying to @AmyMcGrathKY
Where's the Tea Party in all this? Oh, that's right. They only care about fiscal responsibility when a Democrat is in the White House.
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Yoh Mahma 23h
Really? Maybe shes just using some of those sweet tax incentives the rich always get for themselves. Who cares how much money she made. That's business, right? Cool when a conservative fleeces america. Only a problem when a dem does it too.
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J-Mo Montrony 12h
Replying to @charliekirk11
Because they are
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Claire Day 🐔🍷 💩 Sep 14
Replying to @davidakin
Oh please... How many videos have we seen of Trudeau right back to his pre MP years? Why do the liberals have to take all of the punches? It's about time people started giving it back to them.
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Square States Sep 14
Replying to @charliekirk11 @GOP
Just having a flag doesn’t mean you aren’t patriotic. Look at and Trump. Stars and Stripes everywhere while committing treason in support of real socialism as Putin’s puppets.
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Common sense 14h
If the sun and earth axis is to blame for 2 degrees C warmer only 6,000 years ago, why do and others refuse to blame anything but Man for climate change now?
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