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mayor of sandbeach 5h
in PCity not much progress so sad to see after the inside of house is making us sick husband broke shoulder πŸ€•πŸ˜·
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Holley ✨ Dec 8
All I want for Christmas is for my house to be livable after
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FEMA Region 4 Dec 14
As Floridians repair or rebuild their homes damaged by , we are teaming up with home-improvement stores in Bay & Leon counties to provide free information and literature on making homes stronger and safer, for a list of locations, visit:
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Cindy Dec 12
the Panhandle of Florida needs help
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Dr. Laurie Nadel 2h
The first holidays after a disaster can be difficult. And that's normal. Here are a few thoughts on making things easier for you and those you love.
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Mike Cazalas Dec 14
68 days later and , where I walked through the front door for 35 years, looks just as depressing as it did the day after . Haven't yet wrapped my head around the fact that it's gone. So many memories.
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Shannon A Dec 14
it seems that is a distant memory for everyone. Our local was damamged in the storm and still has not reopened. Do u have any info when / if this will reopen? Still taking my monthly payment but no word from gym!
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Deirdre 9h
Replying to @wxjerdman
You killed us, crying now with black mold poisoning. Stuck. SAID Sorry just 110 rain and wind, no flooding. Do you cover a burial? No.... thx again for nothing.πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
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☎️867-5309 5h
Since you are and other anyway, get some extra for relief efforts. The needs are overwhelming...still and will be for a while. The…
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TLH Beer Society 4h
How about a hand for owner Josh Parker? πŸ‘ After , he wasn't even sure he wanted to rebuild and open a brewery. But thanks to the support of the local community, he forged ahead and did the damn thing. Congrats, buddy. This has to feel good. 🍻
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Letter Carriers 5h
NALC Foundation aids survivors! The foundation is also reaching out to letter carriers affected by the California making sure that they receive the assistance they need. Our magazine has the story.
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Rebecca Leach Dec 13
Replying to @Delta
Anywhere there isn't debris and destruction! Post-hurricane and Panama City is still destroyed no matter what is on the news.
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Mike Cazalas 5h
Day 69 post the debris removal folks and their giant claw have made it to the alley behind my house. I feel a need for quarters.
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Lil in FL (Saucy Sugar πŸ”₯πŸ’‹) 4h
Replying to @SpotTheLoon2010
The world needs more giggles...always. Packing up stuff in preparation for half of my house to be demo'd tomorrow. Damage courtesy of Oct. 10. You?? lol
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WLRN Sundial Dec 14
Florida Governor-elect will visit Bay County to see damage from and to get briefed on recovery efforts.
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Alison Blanchet Dec 13
Catholic Charities is collecting gifts for families in affected by , and the are esp. in need of gifts for teens- if you can see this photo I offer a way to give some eleventh hour help-
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Eric Smith Dec 14
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Gator Gal 9h
Would you like to donate to a to help my hometown & surrounding area? If not kindly GTFO of my mentions.
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UWF Haas Center Dec 12
Economic Impact Update: We've now added crop losses, AFB temporary closing and updated insurance claims to the model. Job losses top 12,000 and immediate impact tops $2.3 billion. Read more here:
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