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Dave D. Jan 14
You’ve no doubt watched coverage & heard the criticism. The YOW PD can’t make recommendations with the same weight as the TSB. Mr W: PLEASE get TSB involved. We need seatbelts on school and coach buses NOW.
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Denise Campbell 1h
Replying to @strazsr
Done & sent to all Family Members E-mails too. Let’s get this done!!!!
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Cam Jan 17
Hope you're planning on disciplining your players for this. Making fun of the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy. Just disgusting.
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Marcel Marcotte Jan 9
Courage and good luck Layne
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C Frederick Jan 15
Replying to @espn @KevinMatechuk
Layne Matechuk has more heart than most of the country combined. So inspired by his strength and determination. He is .
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Dave R C Jan 9
Absolutely awesome to see! 👍
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Brenda Jamieson 2h
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Mia Gordon TWN Jan 13
Replying to @JgrichGreg
Very much I had the chance to meet the players and the families and was heartbroken by what happened. I definitely believe he needs to face the consequences of his actions
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Dave Danger Jan 13
Replying to @nickshumlanski
Well done young man!
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Brad Copp Jan 16
Humboldt should be given this year. The community has and still is going through so much... they deserve it.💛💚
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Larisa Breton Jan 9
Awesome!!!! Keep Going Layne!
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Dean Sever Jan 8
Way to stay strong,’re an inspiration!
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WhiskyWingman Jan 12
Replying to @globalnews @sunlorrie
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Kevin C. Garinger 16h
Such an exciting opportunity for our and our to be nominated for Kraft Hockeyville. I humbly ask you to retweet and to vote. It would be an honour to host the world and .
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Randy Jenkins Jan 13
If this doesn’t give me hope to believe in my future and to fight every day of my life, I don’t know what will. Keep it up !! 🏒💚💛
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Greg Richardson Jan 13
Replying to @miawgordon
Yes, just read couple comments of ppl. We are
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Kevin C. Garinger Jan 17
Replying to @paulbrandt
This is so heartwarming. And she’s got the start of maybe one of your greatest hits, Paul! 😊 We all know what her amazing daddy will do...finish the song. 💚💛
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Sue Tobin Jan 15
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Becca Laughlin 🇺🇸 Jan 9
This made my day! Wow, Layne.
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Jeff Deimeke 6h
Replying to @TealTownGhost
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