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HongKongerASMR Oct 26
New ASMR video is up! 黃店 MacBook 殼開箱 MacBook cases unboxing! 💛 featuring idealshophk and casehk Link>
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Dr. Ryan W. 😷 Oct 28
We can never forget a , Kwan Ka Wing, who attempted to kill an unarmed with a live round.
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Universe 3.14 FREAK Oct 28
Replying to @KremlinRussia_E
🐎Honey See U again, dreamer🐸 🐐Moon cherry, strawberry, water melon
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Jessica J 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧 Oct 21
Replying to @Jack27688344 @WYSPSHK
The only hope for is the end of . Sign global petition below:
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Tom.T😷 Oct 26
Replying to @DavidAltonHL
As a , I'm deeply moved by the overwhelming support from around the world. Months ago, I thought we were alone in our fight for democracy and freedom. I'm wrong. Please continue to and .
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CC Lee Oct 27
Replying to @benedictrogers
Another kidnap of by don't know who. Hope he is not send to
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SosHK_help 18h
Hong Kong’s protest movement has made a difference for the world. Source: NIKKEI Asia
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iaka Oct 27
Replying to @hkfp
It’s arbitrary arrest! National security law aim not to protect !
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PonG😷 Oct 26
Replying to @jeneroux
Thank you so much for and saving , MP. is totally down now and become a failed and police state, just like the . Hope the world can keep supporting every and , "no one is left behind".
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樂樂豬 3h
29.10.2020 Mongkok, mainlander urinated on a homeless
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ANNA Banana 20h
Being a , my heart is so heavy, please and
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樂樂豬 21h
We shall get these through,
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WeAreHKers Oct 28
Defining who is a and who is a is a potentially tricky task. In a city that has traded on and off its twin Chinese and Western identities, dual nationalities are a product of a city that is proud of its multicultural past.
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mintchoco Oct 21
Replying to @cchukudebelu
As a ,I have experienced n I’m so sorry to hear what’s happened in Lagos last night.I’m trying to know more n hopefully I can help to spread the truth out
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Yannnnn Oct 22
Do you still remember we are full-time worker and protester? stands with and !
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MoneyDome Oct 22
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Ed@🇭🇰抗爭不息・時光無悔 Oct 22
Good Question: WHAT is ? WHO are the ? It is not only a question for the to answer, but a very very fundamental question for us, who think ourselves as HongKongers, have to answer eventually. Who are we? Who can be HongKongers?
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Sin Long Yin Ryan Oct 26
is a talented attacking midfielder in . The 0:1 defeat to last night showed needs him. However, he is not selected into the match day squad since March because he openly supported . will .
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Lustrous Oct 21
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pyBY Oct 28
She is a brave woman, a proud
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