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Richard Jul 14
Thank you and for the chance to check out the fantastic and for the swag bag. Enjoyed out chat with Sam & Dave (aka)
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Norton Way Honda Jul 19
With its combination of rear wheel drive and 148 brake horsepower this ‘pint-size’ car will definitely pack a punch…
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Danny Benson Jul 18
Because being able to drive something like this in a crowded US city would make too much sense.
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Herb Chambers Honda Jul 18
Check out the new test drive!
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EVSpecifications Jul 17
is Europe and Japan-bound only, other EVs are planned for the US
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HowStuffWorks Jul 12
Look at this thing. What's not to love?
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Richard C Renson Jul 12
#32,000! Oh my, how expensive? 2019 prototype review
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Hendy Group Jul 18
Check out this video where driver takes the Prototype up Goodwood Hill at . Were you there to witness this?
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Milind Jul 12
Honda e is my type of a car. Electric and rear wheel drive. Yummy!!
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AutoTribute Jul 18
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Budda Jul 12
Took a for a short test drive today. Didn’t know they’d arrived in Sweden, but apparently they did, 2 days ago. It’s ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Roughed, simple, slow, steady. 219.000kr for an automatic! The want is now a tie between this and the which I’ve not driven.
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Fully Charged Show Jul 12
Robert gives his final summary after spending a very fun 20 minutes with the Honda e in Frankfurt recently. Full episode:
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APC Automotive Technologies Jul 15
ICYMI: is redefining what makes a fun with its torque-heavy : h/t
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Richard Jul 13
Replying to @whatcar @MINI and 6 others
3 door Wing Mirrors 5 door 👍 Side Camera Mirror System 😍 Flush Door Handles
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Honda's small-car electric platform is ready to go, while they work on a larger platform for other segements.
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Scott Kimler Jul 12
Replying to @HowStuffWorks
The 's range is what's not to love: Only "about 125 miles" (& price $45k USD).
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Przemyslaw Stroinski Jul 16
Finally, You can reserve Your Honda E
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Sodive Jul 15
Cada día tenemos más ganas de probar el nuevo 😍 ¿Y vosotros?
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Японская компания анонсирует 100-процентный электромобиль Honda E (видео) , ,
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laurent durieux Jul 16
en près commande sur le site de
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