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Shazia Hasan Sep 12
An image that brings tears to the eyes. Photo in Dawn Metro today by Faysal Mujeeb.
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Leia Sep 10
The next vulnerable population that the Trump admin wants to imprison so for-profit prison companies can profit and Trump can distract from his - the . 1/4
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Darren Sangita Sep 13
Replying to @mkelly007
This post and all of the responses are without grace. If any one of you are not having compassion for your fellow human over their homeless situation then I can only pray that our Lord have mercy upon your heartless souls. God forbid you would ever find yourself
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⭐️ Mackenzie Kelly ⭐️ Sep 16
Today I witnessed men waiting for haircuts & a man giving “free haircuts” on pleasant valley & riverside. Haircuts = cosmetology = regulated in right? There’s something amiss here but I can’t put my finger on it. is this ok?
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⭐️ Mackenzie Kelly ⭐️ Sep 11
I saw this photo on reddit today. Something occurred to me: why is it homeowners have to get permits for any new construction and yet the are able to construct their own structures without regard to safety or permits?
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livin' the dream... sort of 🙄 14h
Replying to @RedTRaccoon
No, but I have two brothers that are homeless. They have mental health issues. Neither drinks, smokes, or does drugs. They're not women, parents, vets, or an ethnic minority. They fall through the cracks for avaiable assistance. I help as much as I can. Heartbreaking.
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Imogen 💧 24h
Living in survival mode, desperately hoping the government will - hope dissipating like fog at dawn. with things I’m attached to not losing. Is life worth such hardship? Really, is it? I need work and a home. Not derision and poverty.
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UnlivableATX 7h
What’s the safety category where you live? Will you and your family be protected from addicts and psychotics? Did your neighborhood make Mayor Adler’s cut? Did his neighborhood? What do you think?
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Jewels 1h
Call 911 Becky’s mad they got something free & she didn’t. Also Ex model of what ? Toothpaste? If so bitch you need to get that job back . Ya damn teeth look I’d teach you how to brush but fck off & pay a dentist. I wish you shitty couponing for life.
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bullringbash Sep 12
We’re ignoring the impact of chronic sleep loss on people
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TexasJD 🐝 🌊🌊🌊 13h
Trump sees the as aesthetically unpleasing, he, however, never addresses the issues that give rise to homelessness; lack of affordable housing, drug use, mental illness, you can’t just incarcerate people and expect homelesness to disapear! Typical superficial !
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shelly Sep 17
If the gov can provide concentration camp providers with 750.00 a child then the government in conjunction with the private sector should be able to put up quickly deployable modular housing for the homeless with 1 room and basic necessities
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Michael Reagan 22h
Trump is not the reason for our Homeless in Calif..Blame those who have been in leadership in Calif not Trump
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Jeremy Pettit Sep 16
My house payment is nothing because we are ! I'd rather have a house payment though!
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RNzingha Sep 17
Replying to @NBCNews
There is no cure for . Best highways, streets, building entrances are irrelevant terms for locations for the . Let's try shelters, apartments or homes.
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Heavily Concussed René Decartes 3h
Ah yes, those pesky always dodging construction permits — tsk tsk 🙄🙄
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Susanna💙 1h
Replying to @Acosta
He really has it in for mentally ill, homeless vets, un/underemployed and poor citizens. Why? It's not just he is incapable of empathy, it is he wants to use them and hurt them for his own purposes.
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corn popper 6h
Why is it that the can drink liquor at 10am on a Tuesday but when I do it my boss yells at me
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Wendy McCormick Sep 17
Do you help the HOMELESS when you see them on the street?🤔🤔🤔😢😢😢
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Katie Sep 16
Replying to @niallotuathail
Please stop spinning this story. No doubt that is wonderful this man is in love with a Nigerian woman. Everyone is delighted. The point is Ireland has no cap on immigration and our services are already struggling. Can you see the bigger pic?
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