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Vic Alhadeff Sep 11
Brilliant: “Nazi atrocities have been part of my education ... part of my being. is a rising problem ...I call on our education sector to keep teaching the . We cannot afford to forget—what begins with the never ends with the Jews."
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Susan Ross 11h
Last Chance Today 🎉♥️GIVEAWAY 2 bkSet & Bkmarks! F R/T & Tag a 📚 ❣️Charlie’s search for her namesake, a young violinist who was lost in the , brings her closer to her family & her own path in life.
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Lady Liberty 76 Sep 14
Seriously. Having studied the holocaust, I wonder - what part is he glorifying? Killing kids with illnesses? Cutting healthy women’s legs open and putting gravel in and sewing it closed to see what would occur?
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Susan Ross Sep 15
GIVEAWAY 🥳 2 Bk Set📚 RT/F & Tag a by 9/16 ❣️Charlie has a class project about a young violinist, her namesake, that becomes so much more: How Could A Girl Like That Simply Vanish?
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Tigers Of Ambazonia Sep 12
Dear , Please use your good office & call out the . It is appaling as it is under reported by the MSM. Humanity deserves better treatment. Not a silent treatment in the face of such a brutal . PS: is welcomed!
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Jayde Shualit Sep 8
How about you NOT tell Jews with vax injured kids what the ancestral trauma of the feels like? We have science on OUR side & you're too much of a bought Pharma lackey to admit it. Haven't u made enough money on the backs of California's children?
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Cherrie Daniels Sep 13
Replying to @StateSEHI
To venerate those whose actions directly led to the persecution and murder of thousands of innocent people during the creates divisions allowing disinformation to take hold, promotes , and tarnishes ’s international reputation. [4/5]
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Susan Ross Sep 14
2 Bk Set & SKYPE GIVEAWAY🥳 F/RT/ & Tag a by 9/16 📚Charlie’s quest to discover the fate of her namesake is a gentle intro to & helps Ss access their family’s stories ❤️
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Wasabi Millien 7h
Replying to @allen_arnold
So god must be a real shitty to choose a guy who brought about and the for a leader.
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@Biblical Creation Sep 15
Which ? So do you acknowledge mankind's WORST , the ?
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بترول سسم Sep 10
and the , the very group behind the . It Hitler were alive today, then he'd use this for his anti-Jewish propaganda.
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dominic dyer Sep 14
Over a million men women & children went to their deaths on that rail track young lady, it’s a place for quiet reflection on the brutality & cruelty of mankind, not a for a smiling selfie
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Auschwitz Memorial Sep 8
The most moving & personal part of our international educational conference was a panel with four survivors: Marian Turski () Marin R. Yann () Mevludin Rahmanovic () Aline Umugwaneza () Read their stories:
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JohnWood2011🤗 Sep 15
Replying to @Filomen03258997
For just few years Jewish ppl of Germany were mistreated by Natzi & from 1945 till today world has been hearing about Jewish morning & suffering 😥
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wolf_samurai Sep 10
Replying to @JustinWelby
UK must pay reparations to victims of its genocide like Germany did to the victims of .Simple apology is not sufficient.
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Rachelle Friedman Sep 14
Allegedly? What's your proof? The statistics come from the Nazis themselves. Surely you can do better than denial?
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs 🇵🇱 Sep 10
Replying to @PolandMFA
Polish diplomats saved Jews ➡️Raczyński's note - 1st official report on the ➡️ - 8,000-10,000 Jews obtained false passports, a few thousand escaped the Holocaust ➡️Tadeusz Romer provided assistance to 🇵🇱 Jews in Japan & China.
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Jakub Kumoch 13h
'Before God Turns His Face Away'. First full biography of Aleksander Ładoś (1891-1963), Polish diplomat, wartime Ambassador and massive rescuer who saved 1000s of lives. Soon in the bookshops in Poland.
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Echoes & Reflections 6h
survivor Herman Cohn shares how his life changed after the Nuremberg Laws were adopted.
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WikiJew 9h
, , , , - you might want to update your glossary with this new definition of which involves a "a small minority was extremely influential (always in positions of power).
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