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Zee🥺 claimed Adore You 1h
Replying to @its_real_et
is loud 😌
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Meredith Curnow Dec 11
Who doesn't love a list at this time of the year? The Bookshelf's best books of 2019
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Annette DiBellaSorne 13h
From Truck N Car Concepts: Looking to get hitched? Listen to Joe tell us all about the excellent features of "Gooseneck" and "5th Wheel" hitches and why one may be preferable to you:
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Hi7chOnTwitch 16h
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Vamp Kris Dec 11
Cross (2018) 2018 Cross trailer V-Nose, enclosed utility/car hauler. 24 from hitch, 21 1/2 inside length, 95 wide
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Blossom 🥰🌸 Dec 11
Not to set anything in stone or nothin but I think I just set my girl up w her future husband 🥴
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Martina Naval Dec 9
Replying to @tweetrrot
good to know we can a ride
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Elizabeth 11h
There ya go ... Another homage to really began his in 1927 w/ THE LODGER. He built this staircase 4 flights high. Going up those stairs leads to another world & not a nice one Significantly, you see the white hand moving down, down Freaky
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Hi7chOnTwitch Dec 9
Tuesday - Headshots! 2pm - 5pm Return to Castle Wolfenstein ---- 7pm - Late Possibly Halo Reach co-op, if not then Blood. Follow now for notifications!
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mvvenkataraman 5h
will give me As He is my only I will clutch at his When I face a He alone won't When I face a I am sure He will With me,when I He is my Who will He is my only His glory, I will !
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Diana Juarez 3m
Algunos necesitamos un
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OpenMind 14h
Replying to @RFupdates
I think said it best and in far fewer words.
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Juanma Dec 10
“La vida no se mide por las veces que respiras, sino por los momentos que te dejan sin aliento”
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Nikki Thomas Dec 5
Just snuggled up with a blanket, cup of hot tea and one of my favorite movies . 🥰
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mitz-lee Dec 7
“Any man can sweep any women off her feet, he just needs the right broom”
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Resisting 4 You! Dec 6
This 1s, how you say, Dumb as a Presidential Tweet. Mitt Romney's Daughter is the most dangerous of the bunch cuz she runs & coordinates GOP💰 4 seats across U.S. I wonder why it is that the most ardent supporters are so religious? I miss She needs
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.ing .of.suggestn .ing Hitch (2/8) Movie CLIP - Allegra Reaches Out (2005) HD via
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Jonathan Higbee 2h
Replying to @Fizzrate @firefox and 2 others
BS on Fox: Anti-Trumpites. Sir embodies the working class values of my old style Democrat father. is a Kennedy Democrat. The R against Ross Perot’s . had a baton of :
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🅱️arbosa 11h
Eu deveria escrever um livro, pq não tem base hahahahahahaha
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Daddys Unite 20h
FELLAS: Compliments getcha put in the friend zone. If you want her, roast her.
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