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World HijabDay Apr 19
5 facts about : ١) We take it off in front of our brothers, uncles, husbands & all women on this planet 2) We don't sleep with it.😌 3) We don't take shower with it😇 4) We have hair, I swear! it's a beautiful 1😉 5) It's our choice, no 1 forces us to wear it.”-Huda,Poland
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#forcedhijab 17m
what's shocking is have successful sold the idea protects women, sadly secular left & femanist are blinded by the fact it's a symbol of oppression & anyone who questions on it is branded a Trump racist.
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Md.Zahid Hasan Apr 19
IsThe Best😍😍
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M. Apr 19
Three women in who held an event their decision to stop wearing the are being by Malaysian Islamic authorities.
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Ashraf اشراف🏳 Apr 20
: This cleric dangerously stopped a woman in a busy street and insulted her in front of her son for not wearing a . Cleric: put your hijab on piece of sh-t. Woman: it's none of your business. Cleric: go away. I got your car's license plate number.
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Bijhan 16m
In this month's comic, the Mukhannath is at odds with a red elephant over privacy.
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Why is Iran's government going after peaceful compulsory- protesters and not the people who are beating them? The mother of one young women's rights activist wants to know .
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World HijabDay Apr 15
“I have been wearing my since a really young age. I cannot picture myself not having it on. It’s my pride and definition of my religion. May Allah give me strength to carry on wearing it.”-Meriem Aouar, UK
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Visionaire 💯 Apr 19
Replying to @Aubat_luv
Masha Allah! But why not draw the veil to cover the hair around the forehead! 😊
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is a tool of oppression but also a part of the rape culture. Some women think that they will avoid sexual harassmnt if they wear it but in the patriarchal system it doesn’t work.
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“To the men in power I say... You have arrested enough innocent young people. Why don’t you go after those who fooled the people with their false promises and delivered nothing? Why don’t you go after those who have embezzled billions?"
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Tarek Fatah Apr 17
Iranian Islamist with telltale moustacheless beard attacks woman who takes off her . Other men intervene to stop the madman fanatic. Watch this and remember this harrassment next time you try to be exotic.
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Tehmina Kaoosji 20h
I’m non Muslim,Astro Al Hijrah prev. offered me opp. to host/produce talkshow on Women in Business. I declined as thy insisted on only engaging wearing journo & didn’t care if I only wore it on air. Erasure of female bodies not complying with conservative standards is REAL
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David Fantastico Apr 15
Replying to @IlhanMN
wearing Mia khalifa is waiting on set for you .
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World HijabDay Apr 18
“I fought my dad to wear the year before this picture was taken, which brought on a bigger struggle within me. Some called it puberty, some called it a phase, I called it finding myself. I've been teased, bullied and threatened because of it.”-Ms. Hala, California-USA⠀
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Muhammad Ali 6h
Hijab is the first thing that a real man advice to his wife and some liberal illiterate people said the hijabiz painduz and many other things Hijab is the best gift a husband give to his wife, not the vulgarity i mean the dresses wear in functions by stupid girls 😊
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Sabeeha Rehman 2h
Stabbed for wearing the
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#Yemen Apr 16
The secret behind our victories
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Hemant Karkare was NOT a Muslim of India 😉. This woman is inciting communal violence. Pls help her as she wants to get converted maybe which is cool by us, maybe wants 2 wear 2 🤣. She seems to be fan of jihadis.
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World HijabDay 9h
I was born in a 100% Catholic family, attending every Sunday at Mass & where they looked at the bad Muslim, thn I started my research and fell in love with Islam. I dedicate it to me to the strong woman who goes out into the street without fear & proud of her .-Daniela, 🇵🇦
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