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Pradipto Nandy May 16
Finally it's a square off between the BJP and Congress. abused a journo, the PM. decided to enter the race with her comments on and . Who do you think is winning currently ?
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Amit Bidlan May 21
The man of honour
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fashionistaniki 713 4h
Replying to @anandmahindra
I don't blame , he was a well educated, sensitive, cultured boy. He was just misleaded who took advantage of his national pride. It should not repeat. We want more likes not 's. Although, ppl should see his side too unbiasedly.
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Abu Asim Azmi May 16
When FIR will be registered against For dishonouring and disrespecting our martyr who laid his life for country.
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Sanjay Jha May 13
From maligning , Pragya Thakur mocking to Piyush Goyal making sly comments on late , the immoral leaders attack those who are dead and cannot respond back. How sad and shameful.
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Political Junkie 10h
Replying to @nabila__jamal
Now it's 's turn to get for her remarks on
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Doctored Democracy May 16
Replying to @DoctoredSpeech
This comes after , the great , has already apologised for cursing
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Omi May 17
Replying to @OmiTheRajan
the FIR drafted by the then Maharashtra ATS chief suggest that Lieutenant Colonel – who allegedly played a key role in the 2008 – was the real architect of the Abhinav Bharat.
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Bhaskar May 16
intially insulted martyr and after that openly praised that shows deep affection in negative ideology, and other side represent ideology as was the member of RSS. Such a reprehensible statement given by .👇
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Anant Sri May 16
If Godse is a true patriot, then who is Mahatma Gandhi?Who are Sardar Patel, Lal bahadur shastri, Ambedkar, and all others?
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Aditi Agarwal May 20
Because the opposition was - >the one to demean the family by using terms like "naamdar" and "brashtachari no. 1". >glorify and insult martyr >talk about getting rid of infiltrators except Hindu, Sikh and Buddhists, and other sickening things. 1/4
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Varun Pradhan May 13
Replying to @Riteishd @PiyushGoyal
He visited the place is wrong but pragya Terrorist saying died because of curse in same incident is defendable by ur bakwas jumla party
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Naushad Ahmad May 15
U proud to have a lady like pragya thakur who cursed a shaheed ... Yes definitely u can... I agree with you that there is no proof that she is terrorist but than what is the reason? Why, she is favourite of all sanghis and chowkidars like u ?
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Atul Tripathi May 17
How can and both can be called martyrs?
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Gaurav Dadhaniya May 17
For your kind information, he tried a lot to hit and run. That's why died. Improve your knowledge Pappus.
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Chowkidar Akhilesh Banerjee May 16
Replying to @BDUTT
was drunk when he died. No evidence that he died while fighting against Kasab
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Anwar Shaikh May 16
First she attacks 26/11 hero. Now praises the man who killed Is downwards-still going to defend a patently 'anti national' voice if there ever was one. And will media normalise her further with more selfies?
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Pintu Jee May 16
Replying to @ndtvindia
She has cursed the way she has cursed . is a dian.
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Local TIMES May 20
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Vijay Darda May 20
Venomous utterances of terror-accused have shaken India. 1st she insulted , now she declared a ‘deshbhakt’ (patriot). How dare she speak like this? Obviously, she feels that the government will protect her: My column in
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