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Amy Patel, MD 28s
The BEST there is. So grateful for Ted’s tireless work for our & well as his & guidance! He truly exemplifies
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Michelle Walker Jan 13
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CNC Corporate Learning and Development 2h
As part of today’s Equalities Consultative and Support Network (ECSN), Chief Superintendent Vance and Inspector Rodgers officially launched  within the on behalf of our force lead . We are committed to gender equality. Now it’s your turn.
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Anastasia Jan 14
Disappointing to experience sexism &dismissiveness of the issue of gender inequality in cardiology from some junior docs today. I’ve been lucky to have supportive seniors/mentors, who want to improve the situation for . Young men, don’t be part of the problem!
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Amy Peebles, MD 2h
Replying to @stuboo @UFHealth
It’s the second year they’ve done this, so it feels a little less . If male faculty were introducing a female speaker with a moving story that’s one thing, but we have so many good female leaders being neglected.
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M 2h
Replying to @morb_d @Juventusx7
Bebo is a UNICEF ambassador for campaign, promotes girl education. Associated with UN's , works with UNICEF child friendly schools and has adopted villages in Madhya Pradesh to provide them with free electricity.
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𝚁𝚢𝚊𝚗 𝚂𝚝𝚎𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚝 2h
Replying to @AmyPeeblesMD @UFHealth
Honest question: it appears that the talk could be focused. Is that out of bounds in this setting?
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We are excited for our first meeting of 2019, co-hosted with Women in Radiology group, featuring Dr. Ellen Chung from Walter Reed. She will be discussing Pediatric Emergency Radiology for the General Radiologist.
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Roseanne Esposito 5h
Replying to @adamhousley
Nice guys must speak up in their nice guy circles and stop hate talk about womyn. Aka locker room talk - it's real
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Ariela Marshall MD 54m
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Heather Stanley Jan 16
the whataboutery has been ordained - by and everyone who has made feminism about equality rather than what it is. Drives me fricking nuts.
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Stephen Cobb 17h
Replying to @piersmorgan @Gillette
Funny - I’ve used Gillete for decades and this makes me feel good about that.
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Prof Mike Seed Jan 16
Addressing gender bias in science & medicine. Perhaps we can learn from . Can we give this some traction in our fields? @
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Kelly Doran Jan 15
And now I’m crying. Thank you, .
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End The Tampon Tax in CA 2h
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PWIM Jan 13
Replying to @mariyah_anwer @500WIM
Unbelievable! We have our work cut out for us then- Men and women physicians together are essential for society-
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francine Havugimana Jan 16
Together with effort combined,we can eradicate this ! Men engagement is key to success!our husbands,brothers and fathers should be at the forefront protecting us and raising their voices on our behalf (He for she)!much thanks for your voice raised! campaign
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Scott Bryant 15h
You’ve got this. We believe in you.
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❤❤ #Shivika4Ever❤❤#😍😍 Jan 15
Replying to @Nena___sa @NakuulMehta
A typical one liner for male lead. They preach but do not follow again but for what🤔🤔🤔🤔 kaha teh hamara surbhi ke liye😄😄
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Kavita Babu 14h
Went to a Women's Faculty Committee event tonight for med, nursing, and grad students that was sponsored by my chair, Gregg Volturo. Props to our dept and to EM leaders for growing all the young talent.
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