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Christine (not the car)🌊🌊🌊 48m
Replying to @e_porterfield
And then drown them. Don't forget that.
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Vice Parosident Osinbanjo 🇨🇦 🇳🇬 17h
This is na... Uncle , come and see o
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Rainbow Nation Party 3m
SHOCKING TO SEE “The Pan African Students Movement of Azania” using banners like this at the Cafeteria...🤔 If this is not inciting then I do not know ? 😡💪🏿💪🏽💪🏻😡
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Potatoehead 6h
Say no to hate speech. Respect each other.
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Shaun Murphy Feb 12
Just because a offends you doesn't mean its !
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ますく&るる 13m
Replying to @aritayoshifu
Japanese , Shame on you ! They are protecting people who are shouting !
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Anne-Marie O'Connor 16h
Replying to @AlexHervaud
You guys mostly seem sorry you got caught.
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Amaru Szakur 1h
at another lvl - wtf? Why is the western civilization introducing such laws?
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Elizabeth Milos 6h
Here’s contact info to make a complaint. People: This is this is what makes them think they can take people’s children away! So now it’s not only Trump saying lies but ?
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Khurram Qureshi 11h
I want peaceful relations with India 🇮🇳 , Afghanistan 🇦🇫, Iran 🇮🇷, And everyone else (I wonder if this tweet constitutes as 🤔)
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A_B_M 🇳🇬 Feb 14
Replying to @MizCazorla1
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Mohammed hussain 11h
Replying to @kavita_krishnan
Politicians are utilizing the to incite the violence for their own filthy needs!! When this hate shall vanish and aim for progressive development?? and govt has to do their work which they haven't fulfilled yet!! hiding behind the net!!
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Supreeth 42m
I take back my words, she is the most dumbest person in the country followed by the Great indian Joker. Aunty ji, atleast cross check toh karti... Stop spreading fake news. Only Miscreants are getting their due respect due to their and
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sumbo badmus M. Feb 16
Replying to @gloria_adagbon
. . You have no evidence for this message. I am really surprised that you can say something of this nature. Kindly retract your message by deleting it with immediate effect ad apologize by seeking for God Almighty forgiveness.....
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Harian Feb 16
Replying to @ashoswai
I never use bad words. But definitely want to call you 4 this & many What's the point of or in this ? Just 1 name & you mention it but you don't mention who are the major group. Yet gives you Bluetick, crazy..
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Lyrik Omaggio 23h
Replying to @c3musiq
Oh so they should’ve attacked the person or family?! Is it not hate to defame someone’s property with hateful slurs?
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aWeSoMe Feb 14
So it’s a girls vs boys kinda thing? No girls ever teased her, just the boys.
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David Scott Feb 16
I came across this speech "O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." I was wondering whether is contravenes your initiative. Please clarify
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e 21h
It's absolutely disgusting that you pick and choose what stories you post about Aboriginal people. You have one of the most influential platforms in Australia and yet you use it to post things you KNOW will cause an uproar in your comments.
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Philosophical Hamster / Дзен-хомяк Feb 13
The definition of is dead simple. It's any speech that I hate.
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