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Roya Nikkhah 16h
Royal exclusive: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are considering plans to live and work abroad in the future, a move which would give them freedom and independence while capitalising on their global appeal
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N.Mahot 22h
Courtiers should focus on: 1) Help Kate actually START "Broken Britain" campaign 2) Help Kate actually KEEP promise to champion nurses 3) Help William STOP being tone-deaf about social issues It's NOT 's fault that W&K aren't shining!πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ 😠
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Jill Mansell ✍🏼 Apr 13
This movie on Channel 5 is hilarious. (But the Meghan actress is a good lookalikey, unlike the rest of them...) πŸ˜‚
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Jo BeTa 10h
Replying to @HarryandMeghan1
😁 me too. Always looking for that ring. I think it's because we Know the ring has the right meaning to him: ''i'm married. I love my wife. We are a fantastic team. My wife is amazing. Oh did I mention I am married? Well I am. " πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
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Alexis Altamirano Apr 17
I guess when you woke up from that dream you went to work. Just look at her events -most Brits like both but ok. I get that when you have nothing to contribute you make things up. Carry on and be envious.
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chantal Apr 13
Harry and Meghan the movie on channel 5 πŸ˜†πŸ˜† are you serious πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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🌈  R A E - R A E  🌈 Apr 13
So I stumbled across the ?-???..... Anyone else is watching this crap?!! Thank the lordy for having marijuana so in other words .com.
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DuchessMeghan 14h
As Cool As A Cucumber........ 😊😊Handsome Harry Arriving For Church Service In Windsor ❀️❀️ Princess Meghan Not Attending.....
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Vicki Diamond 16h
Replying to @hendopolis
Somebody stop this nightmarish PR by reporters & courtiers who aim to taunt . All what it's doing is make Prince William seem petty, insecure, racist, inadequate, envious & a 🌹 philanderer which might not be fair to a future King.
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Break Up With Your Girlfriend, Valentino, Im Bored Apr 13
OMG did they just find some random old woman on the street and ask her to be the queen?!
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Wiltshire Apr 20
I read the article on being sent to Africa. It appears the Oprah Doc. Has KP shook. It says William and Harry need to be apart to more define their roles, that H&M don't have clear enuf roles. They better be careful before H&M leave the RF entirely!
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mrs banana Apr 13
What am I watching here? Seriously thought it was an episode of The Windsors, especially after the Wills/Kate/George/Charlotte breakfast scene. Now they are snogging in Botswana, PMSL....
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Emily Nash Apr 5
They're going to need a bigger nursery! Details of gifts given to during their Autumn tour have been published by the Palace and include more than 80 soft toys - possums, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, koalas, kiwis, elephants, teddy bears and buzzy bees...
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Emily Andrews Apr 4
Replying to @byEmilyAndrews
And ! You’ve done so amazingly well in the awesome money you’ve all raised for . Just think, Β£33k is about what you raised-you could have paid for ’s babymoon instead! (Ps I donated to smart works, not to their hotel).
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Ed-The Windsors, Harry & Meghan Apr 6
These quotes are such a representation of what everyone in the Sussex Fandom is doing in lieu of the impending birth of Baby Sussex. They were taken from one of 's suggested charities to donate to. I just love them!😍
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Vivienne Apr 18
Harry and Meghan should have their baby on their terms. I'm very saddened by the horrible things I see on Twitter sometimes. They love each other so leave them the EFF alone.
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SussexHousehold Apr 17
The are glad Harry and Meghan left KP, no pressure to up their game any longer. They (& their staff) are back in their lazy mood. Check the date of Kate's last engagement on KP Instagram; no activities in weeks, same counts for William.
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Jo BeTa 6h
Replying to @Royal_Realness
I think there are bigots in there but are they that stupid though? Nowadays Peeps don't care much abt background, more so abt what you're doing. That's why would be ok with or w/o monarchy. They work, are relatable, are sexy & diverse. Willboy can't compete.
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James, M. 23h
Replying to @royal_suitor
Why don't they stfu!! Nothing's changing with the Sussexes, we love them and we care! They can't be dragged down regardless of those insidious tactics.
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Fighting the good fight Apr 13
Well, what a foolish nasty vile you are. If are over exposed why are you exposing them more? Why are you tweeting about them, stalking them, tweeting as if you know anything at all about them- you don't and here's another tip. is a feminist,
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