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Ňishak💙BlueSoul Nov 5
"It is pointless trying to know where the way leads . Think only about your first step , the rest will come." by credits @ cbezerraphotos
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Nikolaos Kostopoulos Nov 15
Excited to work with of the biggest EU IT company to accelerate startups that are building on ! We are now reviewing projects in the , remittances, =& privacy to support them through their early steps with tech capital & commercialization!
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Marshall Nov 26
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships". Take a look what the Pangaea P-OPS team is being doing
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Marshall Nov 27
Exciting weeks are coming! Staking is being tested in devnet right now. Pangaeans, here we go!! keep an eye in our telegram channel
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What we can expect from in a few weeks: ☑️Harmony’s Effective Proof of Stake (EPoS) consensus system goes live ☑️Open staking for all those who want to participate ☑️Token swap to native ONE tokens Read more on plans for 2019 and beyond in “Harmony 2019 Review”👇👇
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DesignBlock Nov 17
Harmony is set to support Web Assembly this Quarter! Nice article why Blockchain and WebAssembly is a perfect match:
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DAO Maker Nov 22
Social Mining Report for `s third Workdrop🔽 The 🆕minimal Staking amount for Social Mining is now 30k Token, at the request of the HSM Community! 🙏🏽Congratulations You haven't started your Social Mining experience yet? ℹ
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Arti_Tsy Nov 23
Hey friends, read a great new article about DAO, on Staking and social mining. by NIpek Celik
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🔴Let's deep dive into Harmony&Hyperion partnership🔴 👉Hotel & travel: 🎆Using Hyperion’s location platform, users can book travel and hotels seamlessly 🎆 ❓What is Harmony's role?❓ enables privacy, customer loyalty rewards, and a trustworthy review system.
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DAO Maker Nov 25
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Good news! We can expect a special announcement in early Q1 2020 regarding a leading IT company in the EU coming on board the ecosystem☝️🥳
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Arti_Tsy Nov 27
Do you want to become Social Validator, but don’t know where to start? Or for the first time you hear about it and are you interested in supporting the most promising project of recent years? Want to know the details? Check this out:
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Harmony Nov 23
💹Credit Unions, Trade Finance, Mobile Data researchers from have conducted a three-month-long survey interviewing key actors of the financial ecosystem to identify Market Assessment & Readiness for Read the report here:
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Harmony Nov 21
What a great night for in 🇺🇦 And since we are core believers that you can never have too much SWAG, we make sure to bring some exclusive swag for our meetups around the world! Catch us in Vinnytsia on 27 Nov! 📅RSVP:
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JB273 Nov 25
P-OPS (Pangaea Operations) team doing some work for . Upcoming weeks will be more exciting, because P-OPS will be working closely with the DEV team and be testing staking on Pangaea, stay tuned for more to come!
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Harmony Nov 26
In an open letter to community, our CEO refers to our progress since our token listing on May 31st, and sharing an overview of our ambitious 2020 planning: 🌍Cross-Border Utility 🌐Decentralized Development 🔏Auditable Privacy
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Arti_Tsy Nov 26
A recent research by Foster School of Bisiness showed that for , the most suitable areas for implementing its are such areas as trade , mobile and credit unions. Find out details in the article
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yelllowsin Nov 22
You can swap now on way or the other! Great job
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VY Nov 15
SM conditions are about the getting change. You should keep at least 30K tokens for earning tokens.
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Metalbullz Nov 18
A fantastic article written by detailing the journey so far with and the project.
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