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Winter Oct 14
dress like the protesters with black bloc and inhumanly treat them by coarse arresting and biting.
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Lilo Tiffangela Oct 11
Sonia Ng from CUHK wailed to the vice-chancellor that she was not the only one suffered sexual violence from . She then removed her mask & demanded the vice-chancellor to issue a statement condemning police violence, but got rejected🙅🏻‍♂️ Source: RTHK
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C9@HK 😷 Oct 12
raped and murdered protesters A 15 yrs old girl reported loss on 21 Sep after protest, her remain found on next day but cops announced that's a woman instead and only confirmed her identity on 11 Oct where her cremation done a day b4 w/o investigation.
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Kei 😷 Oct 9
Replying to @themonma
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nnnataeee😷 Oct 14
Is this extent of violence necessary???
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roarforhk Oct 14
A journalist (driver)from the channel Now was arrested after he was shot in the head with a bean bag round. then beat him up in the police station for 2 hrs, causing bone fractures and bruises be4 he was sent to the hospital. Share!!!
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leonald lee Oct 13
Replying to @fox4kc
CHAN YIN LAM (陳彥霖), aged 15, found dead naked in the sea. claimed she commited suicide and cremated her body ONE DAY after confirming her identity. No will was found and she was a swimming athlete, meaning suicide by drowning being highly unikely.
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hk needs your support😷 Oct 10
"honestly, i am so scared. every night i live in fear. .. i was so scared when (the police) took me into a room to search me at 2.30 in the morning. they could do anything to us: curse at us, hit us, sexually harass us.." -
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Chimmi😷 Oct 14
Replying to @demosisto
is provoking citizens everyday and everywhere. But it would be too naive if they think that they can scare us away.
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Brian-HKer Oct 10
She is one of the victim of sexual abused from . How brave she is to take off her mask and disclose her identity to the public. It's really heartbreaking.
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Snowy B Oct 14
“Stop chasing me!” have been keen on catching young girls these days. Why? These girls will soon be beaten, gang-raped and killed inside the police station. They are likely to become another floating corpse.
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W 😷 Oct 16
Replying to @ezracheungtoto
will declare it was a public fight so they can prosecute Jimmy, "blame the victim", the old trick..
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stertlca🇭🇰😷 Oct 14
Replying to @KingJames
This 15 y.o. HK girl Chan Yin Lam was discovered with a naked body in the sea. said her death is UNSUSPICIOUS. Yet, a member of have predicted for her death b4. Those clues make we doubt if the girl killed by ....
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Isabelle Oct 16
kidnapping the boy(s) from hotel in TKO.
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Athena 44m
Replying to @Mugisalty
That's the evidence of destroy HK legal system
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Jason Cheung Oct 14
A scene that pretending protestors in black. Not sure if they were going to distroy the railway station.
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ks Oct 12
Police attacked teenager for no purpose, and shouted at the woman that told them to stop.
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PoKai Oct 16
it’s crime scene!! CRIME SCENE!!!! how could you step on the blood!! r u ????
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JosephC 7h
I’m also concerned about the identity of the in the streets of HK. More and more clues are suggesting many of them might be mainland forces. How many are there? Why is this allowed under the 1c2s?
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chocogalate 😷 Oct 13
1930 Yuen Long appeared again to annoy citizens.
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