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Bryna Mar 18
Have to remember Scott's busy schedule...he does a lot outside of .
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Terri Ferrara Mar 20
Last night just b4 I fell asleep, I swear I saw a Season X hat on FB for . Is it true? Or had I already fallen asleep and dreamt it?
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Missslothy 9h
Replying to @ibyshire
Wish they’d do this 😁 I remember watching loads of these vids when I wrote my first Big Bang fic. Max the dog skydiving with McG did not make it to the final edit, alas 😔
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McDanno🚓🏄Nygmobblepotisendgame🐧?💜💚Queliot🎩 Mar 16
Replying to @CrandallBrintrd
Exactly the main reasons I got into the show was cause of Scott Caan & the Bromance between Danny & Steve. Without that I would probably lose interest in
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Amy SD 23h
Replying to @H50FanGirl6
Me too...😭 Be back soon guys. We miss our 🥺
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Peter M. Lenkov Mar 18
This SATURDAY!!! - who's coming??? Get your tix:
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Rachel Gordon Mar 20
I haven’t watched since Grace’s accident. Your comments and what you RT make me not want to watch it again. ☹️
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Alex O'Loughlin Fan Mar 16
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Ohana Mar 18
Wohoo! 🤙🏽 But someone is missing... Where is Scott?
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Belle Anderson 22h
Head on over to the Instagram account with your questions for Link:
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Lisa Mar 19
No official news yet but looks like the crew is ready 😏
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Kim 19h
Replying to @SurfBelle2 @H50Eddie
Awesome. I can’t wait. I ❤️ Eddie!
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Sunny Mar 19
Looks like someone spilled the beans 😉 S10
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𝓝𝓲𝓷𝓪 𝓡𝓾𝓪𝓷𝓮 It’s Spring 🌺 12h
Replying to @Radiantly_Rue
This makes up for no for the next two weeks!!!!!
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Ariane Mar 18
. So the entire cast of H50 will be at Paley fest except Scott. But he’s not leaving the show or anything. 😒 Yeah right! His role on the show has become so minor they should just let him go already. I will hate it but the way it works now is so annoying.
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hideshawaii 15h
We’ve arrived in Hollywood, Los Angeles - loving our hotel room ❤️. Can’t wait for Hawaii Five-0 & Magnum Pi Paley Fest 2019 due to be held on Saturday 23rd March 2019 at 2pm at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.
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Kim Mar 19
Replying to @shalward9
Amen Jo! It’s Scott’s choice to not be in every episode! I’m afraid that if didn’t grant him his wishes we wouldn’t have him as Danny! Then that might lead to no !
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nicksfandom 14h
Getting ready to leave tomorrow morning to LA for PaleyFest!! I'm super hyped! 🙌❤ Can't wait to see and of course 😊 It's going to be an awesome weekend!
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Lucas Till Mar 19
Can't Wait! , , & arrive at LA on March 23. Get your tickets:
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McDanno detox - MyCoven Mar 19
The lovely wife of 's stand in double Marc just posted THIS... SEASON 10 HERE WE GO! 💋❤️💯
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