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Del Jn Aug 20
Indian IT worker - Country of birth is not skill US Citizen - what skill do you have, did you contribute to Science Or have a skill that I don't have? Indian IT worker- No, I am just a cheap labor. Stop . NOW. Drain All , make our immigration fair again.
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VHD Aug 18
Replying to @marammanjunath
I didn't talk about Microsoft, Google or Amazon. The number of approved petitions from Cognizant was 10 times larger than the Amazon's. Why is Cognizant applying for almost 20K Indian people each year? Why not from other countries? This is .
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EndTheH1B Aug 20
Replying to @SagarYogendra
Lots of good info! Might want to mention how blacks, Hispanics, women and other minorities are also hurt by . In my projects, I typically see 10% white (often customer facing) but 1% black or Hispanic. The H1B visa is a racist and sexist visa.
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Tom Hunter Aug 18
Replying to @LouDobbs @RepSeanDuffy
Thank you for paying attention to this very important issue and explaining what the disastrous and fraud can do to the American workers.
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OnBlick Aug 17
USCIS has taken numerous actions as a part of Buy American & Hire American Executive Order to strengthen policies and regulations designed to protect U.S. workers .
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H1BExposed Aug 22
The fact that a crackdown is going on alone is a shame on Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant. And dont think Robert Half, KForce, Experis hire/place Americans, they seek "transfers" and prefer over US citizens. Improve existing H1B lives. Trump-style reform needed
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Daniel Kessler Aug 17
Both sides of the aisle are responsible for betraying American STEM workers. Corporate money must be taken out of politics. Regardless, are outsourcing and lowball guest workers truly cost-effective? Ask Boeing and other corporations with botched jobs. Price ≠ value.
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KevinG 🇺🇸 Aug 21
supporters - If you really want to solve backlog problem then first acknowledge that problem exists because of abuse. Indian body shoppers and out -sourcing companies have abused the system. Support merit based system. There is no merit in standing first in the line.
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Matthew Kolodziej 14h
Tech companies take jobs to Canada as Trump continues to make coming to US legally harder & harder for skilled immigrants
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Nota Bene 13h
Replying to @IanDWagreich @Forbes
Reality is the has been used to hire less expensive workers & lay-off Americans. This increase is a well needed fix to the problem. We should be hiring the exceptionally best from the world, we have not been. Instead we are replacing US tech workers with mediocre talent.
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Pratik Chhatbar Aug 22
Please bring to Senate Judiciary meeting discussion to prevent of . .
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Sharon Wright Aug 22
"We’re putting jobs first. We’re putting Australians first,” prime minister Malcolm Turnbull had announced" Come on USA you can do it too stop abuse
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Big Fat Ugly Bubble Aug 22
As member of Hindu Coalition, you already replaced 100’s of thousands of highly-skilled American IT & STEM professionals with cheap slaves. Couldn’t jobs be outsourced too? How hard can it be to print money, anyway? Besides, aren’t supposed to be smart?
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Strong Standing Aug 21
is anti-diversity. What we need is a per country cap on to end the monopoly by India and China.
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Strong Standing Aug 20
More scams courtesy of the wonderful and visa program. Also, they all go home if thier visa expires, but who's checking?
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YaleGlobal Aug 20
Indian IT companies rely on H-1B visas for skilled labor in their operations & worry that US rule changes could favor US firms over foreign firms
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Strong Standing Aug 15
This is precisely why we need per country cap on and . To stop 1 or 2 countries from monopolizing out guest worker visas.
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Strong Standing Aug 14
Replying to @AmericanFuture2
USCIS approves the exact number of that are allowed by our reps. If the reps reduce or even better put a per country cap on and then USCIS will approve exactly that number. Unfortunately our reps are being bribed (lobbied) by big tech and foreign outsourcing.
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Jayson Aug 14
Replying to @bns5
94% of IT graduates not fit for hiring, Tech Mahindra CEO. USCIS denials should be 94%, not 50%. The root cause of backlog for Indians is their own making. Lot of cheap ( proxy/fake resume) hog the GC 'Q'. Remove the abusers from the 'Q', backlog clears in no time
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