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Jack Devnarain Jan 29
There are two things in common with & the family: 1. They are unapologetically racist. 2. That was never an obstacle to doing business with Govt & . I'm aghast at what people are willing to compromise in exchange for cash.
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Watch Dog 24h
Replying to @BLF_SouthAfrica
What is good for the goose is also good for gander. /Bushiri
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Erin Bates Jan 30
[COMMENT] This begs a question on why the banks did not and - from what we know - have not frozen or closed -linked accounts. When the 's business accounts proved too much reputational risk and their own auditors had doubts, the banks (eventually) acted decisively.
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Moreko 22h
Replying to @eNCA
They also wanted the accounts reopened... and co! I wonder this time who they will send to the bank's?
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Woody Feb 14
At what point do we go enough is enough?!!?
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Times LIVE Feb 8
"The wedding is a double-feature, with Rajesh 'Tony' ’s daughter Shubhangi Singhala marrying Chetan Jain and Atul Gupta’s son Srikant Singhala tying the knot with Akhya Bansal."
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V.L Shadean Jan 29
Andile Mngxitama The one time stooge, now Financially broke..... To defend itself in hate speech case.... Cash-strapped BLF 'not ready' to defend itself in hate speech case
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Julian Horn 8h
I am surprised the SA Army drives Tata vehicles. You be kidding me... Bad vehicles.
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#2019 Feb 19
Replying to @Zwelinzima1 @atultna
That principle was not used in the case of and his brothers. Most of ordinary people lost their jobs without hard evidence of corruption, but what can i say its Mzansi episodes.
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OUTA Jan 31
, , , please can we see urgent action against & their executives. , will you be scrutinizing Bosasa money flows and closing their accounts like those of business accounts? We need URGENT action!
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CG 2h
Replying to @mynameisjerm
I am wondering which and types are anxiously waiting to see what and where they can from the this year
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Alex rastegar 2h
He can't work there and going to prison dr mehta, metta
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IOL News Jan 30
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DashcamGP-ZA Jan 30
Politicians jumping onto fight,but were quiet during looting.WHY?
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Now or Never Jan 18
Why the and not raiding Bossasa's office and homes...he should be arrested immediately before he pulls a and leave the country.. Beyond any logic
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One Nation SA Jan 29
Replying to @RanjeniM
And our elected leaders couldn't give a shit if they were dealing with racists as long as they paid big bribes. Remember guests called black workers monkeys at the Sun City Wedding bonanza.
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Greg Jan 25
I have said this before and i will say it again!What South Africa needs today is the Which political party will bring back the scorpions.I can guarantee you SANS if they were still around the would not have existed!This is the reason they got rid of them
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SWANK Jan 30
Replying to @Sowellnomics
Worst is, assumes we're all dumb. It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that he was VP when & accomplices were stealing SA's taxes. He too should be held accountable
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Erin Bates Jan 18
Replying to @StateCaptureCom
Pretorius mentions the Watson family entities cited in Venter's statement. So, there we have it: outright mention of a family other than the 's and Zumas during proceedings .
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Matshangisa Feb 11
🤣🤣🤣🤣Good Lord how did i miss this?
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