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Richard Bywater Sep 9
For sale on Ebay right now - what appears to be an open topped British Railways 12 Ton Ventilated Van body somewhere near Oswestry.
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Richard Bywater Sep 27
Nice pair for sale in Spalding
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Richard Bywater Aug 29
No.212 : A British Railways 12 Ton Plywood Ventilated Van body grounded above Govilon, Monmouthshire. Bauxite livery and still carrying VAN datapanel. Can't quite make out the number ☹️ Pic'd 24/8/19 🤓
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Richard Bywater Sep 2
No.213 : GER Great Eastern Railway 4-Wheel 5 Compartment Third Class Coach built at Stratford in 1899. Grounded at Well-next-the-Sea station on still carrying it's works builder plate! Pic'd 15/8/19 🤓
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Dave Walker Jun 11
Found your hashtag. This one has seen better days, at Goldcliff, near Newport.
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Richard Bywater 10 Sep 18
No.187 : British Rail Cowans Sheldon 76 Tonne Diesel Hydraulic breakdown crane ADRC96702 and its jib runner wagon DB998518 at their home depot of March, Cambridgeshire. lurking to the left! 24/8/85
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louis Aug 26
have you seen the hashtag? Might be relevant to your interests
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Richard Bywater Sep 18
No.214 : British Railways acquired 6 prototype Fibreglass Containers from Mickleover in 1960. 2 - BD4303B & BD4304B recently preserved on after many years in South Yorkshire. Original maroon livery & branding Quorn 8/9/19 🤓
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Richard Bywater Oct 20
Replying to @FatherofTheProf
Great Western van in quite good condition. Thanks John.
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