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Victoria Vickee Gray 9h
is foul. I used to be a supporter of his reporting. “Last November I announced to the world that we were rebuilding and relaunching The North Star- the abolitionist newspaper originally launched by Frederick Douglass in 1847...
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mclozano1111 16h
more from the abusing the powers of the office to bring benefits to his own personal business from which he refused to divest , another violation and another offense
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timothy self Aug 23
Nobody asked Trump’s Bloviated Ignoramus Moron A$$ to run for President nor is he doing America a favor if anything he’s embarrassing us at home as well as on the world 🌎 stage daily!! and Trump isn’t working for free he’s a greedy !!!😡😡
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Beachinit 12h
Remember when Ivanka Trump used her child to snag those Chinese trademarks.
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Bodhicitta Aug 22
Translation... has NEVER read A PAGE of the bible! "Two Corinthians" ANY CHILD that attd Sunday school can TELL u it's '2nd Corinthians' is SOME Of America But NOT ME
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MaLaCoiD Aug 16
Appreciate the responses behind this . Great foil. 👏Taxes by definition are Wealth Redistribution.👏 Do you not see the in the current administration? Money over people. You're paying for healthcare & college when they default on the bill & prices go up.
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Happy girl Aug 19
Replying to @MsBlaireWhite
you said the "agent went to the police" but they won't take the evidence cause of how much jy lies. i'm out of this now, feel like this is just more publicity for y'all. the girls have reported jy already in canada, for the msg's. this seems more and more like more
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Anonymous Source Aug 23
Replying to @RandPaul
Giving money to politicians and political causes is no its .
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Max Waller Aug 24
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
- ¿since when did become part of the "American Dream"?
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David Stock Aug 20
So shocking that starting a Super PAC is the next move after all his free media.
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Cynthia Scott Aug 20
Replying to @RJC @GOP @POTUS
It’s sad an entire faith community has chosen to side with a who AS . TELLS ANOTHER FOREIGN POWER TO Disrespect 🇺🇸CITIZENS and literally put 🎯🎯on their backs as he has the innocent victims of
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aka: wheresjerry😎 Aug 20
Replying to @EricTrump
You going to show the kids The Art Of when they turn of age?
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Jon Readman 🌹🇨🇦 Bernard Brother Aug 21
Replying to @ZerlinaMaxwell
"Everyone who calls me out on my centrist is a troll/Russian bot"
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Sandy🌺 #DumpTrump2020 #VoteBlue Aug 22
Replying to @SenatorRomney
It's because your party has done the following; The stinking , to because of 's counterproductive , which China stopped buying crops, etc. from the farmers and 's constant .
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W B Devitt III 13h
Absolutely FULL OF SHIT! 😂 EMBEZZLING over $2 Trillion (yes, with a Fucking "T"...) from the to fill the pockets of Wealthy/Corporations ... As "" violates the EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE every weekend he golfs on his properties some more
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Rosemarie Jensen Aug 21
Yet again, FLBOE budget allocates nothing for district PUBLIC SCHOOLS. 86% of Florida students attend district schools. @govDeSantis shameful.
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Oz Sultan Aug 17
Replying to @pulte
The difference between and . Ask if you’re in need folks, not if your needs are generally met.
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Sandy🌺 #DumpTrump2020 #VoteBlue Aug 20
Replying to @IvankaTrump
Only people doing really well, first daughter, are you and your mafia family, billionaires and millionaires too.
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James Timberlake Aug 17
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
Who put the sentences together for you? Remember subject, verb, predicate? Articles? Adverbs and gerunds? Here are ten gerunds defining you: , , , , , , , , &
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Janice Brown Aug 19
Haha! They're already looking to install, & , for the next, ? , , & ! The perfect, campaign, song, for their brand, of ? , "!"😂😂😂
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