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Dr. Paige Harden Oct 26
"...tests are blamed for the educational, social, and economic inequalities of society and their good-riddance is proposed as a remedy for inequities that are firmly embedded in the capitalist system as a whole." - Sandra Scarr, 1978, summarizing my views on
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Rich Lee 2h
As psych grad programs , what advice would you offer for folks submitting applications . , I have some ideas. What are yours?
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Becca Dzombak Oct 28
Replying to @bdzombak
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Dr./Prof. Sarah Hörst Oct 21
I see a lot of depts waiving GRE requirements for *this* year bc *waves hands at everything*. Just a reminder that stress, financial hardships, illness, caregiving responsibilities, etc of 2020 exist for many folks all the time and GRE doesn’t reflect students’ abilities
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Dr. Paige Harden Oct 27
Replying to @CamHostinar
I think that the GRE (+ test prep + sending scores) should be free to everyone, and universities should create programs to routinely test all college seniors .... more universal testing would be more equitable & more efficient than whatever will produce
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Hendratta Ali 9h
Welcome to 👏🏿
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Maggie Buck Holland Oct 27
My department is waiving the GRE for Fall 2021 graduate admissions considerations. Please check us out!
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Jeff Cookston 2h
Replying to @RichLeePhD @UMNPsych
My worry is that applicants with GRE scores will submit those scores, and that will result in implicit bias among reviewers that skew in favor of those scores. Faculty reviewers need training in how to review post .
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Jessica Cooperstone Oct 23
Finally will no longer require the GRE !!!!
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Get Your PhD @PittBioSci Oct 22
The Department of Biology PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh is busy recruiting it’s 2021 Admit Class! Start exploring and get links to the application portal here: Applications due December 7, 2020. since 2017 and counting
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Ana Maria Porras, PhD Oct 21
🥰 That’s pretty much how and I feel about this paper. Thank you for writing on !
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Dr. Tesla Monson 6h
Forgot to mention that we ditched the GRE requirement starting this year. Just another reason to apply!
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Independent Business Network Oct 27
The EU is frequently weak because 27 states have quite different interests, and in cases like this, German interests will always come first. Turkish defiance exposes EU impotence
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Max Thompson 3h
Additional programs like this are necessary to continue the ideas behind the .
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Wouter Masselink 🇳🇱🇦🇺🇩🇪🇦🇹 Oct 22
The people in favour of Greece leaving the EU right now must be so confused
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Gabriel Filippelli Voted for Climate Action🇺🇸 Oct 21
We just joined the !
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Claudia I. Mazur Oct 22
Replying to @svtephanie
The GRE is dumb. It cost me a lot of money and it didn’t even matter in the end. It was just a formality. I’m sorry you have to deal with this
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Adam M. Forte Oct 22
Replying to @AdamForte83
Also, the G&G faculty recently voted to be a part of and drop the GRE as a requirement! This is not yet reflected on our website as the change is pending approval by the university faculty senate, but we anticipate that applicants for fall 2021 will not need the GRE. 2/2
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John Carroll Oct 21
I 100% agree, and I think what you'll see is after this excuse to temporarily waive them during this time, more departments will move to remove them as requirements altogether. The movement is growing. Faculty, if your dept is doing waivers, push for permanent removal!
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Christine Duval Oct 28
Come meet our faculty and grad students on Nov. 11, 1-3PM ET at our virtual open house! Interested in or ? The is recruiting a student!
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